So, You’re Depressed?

A life without problems is not a life… Dealing with shit is part of life and has been since before humans could walk and talk. Some problematic situations are not of our making while some could have been avoided if we did not make stupid decisions. But, that’s just life…

I think it’s sad and pathetic these days that people seem afraid to make mistakes for fear of being judged by others. People are afraid of being their own people because for most they have to fit into social boxes, which society has placed them in. For many people it’s obviously they don’t belong in the boxes they have been assigned to.

Modern society in supposed developed countries is about conformity, you must fit in however uncomfortable you are in your little box. If you do not conform you will be outcast, unable to get a decent job, unable to get somewhere to live and will not be accepted socially. There is a lot of pressure on many people to conform even if doing so is something they dread, but the choice is not theirs… So, with these facts we have a reason for their being lot of unhappy people in the world… Most of whom are needlessly unhappy…  

In most cultures people are judged by what they own, how much cash they have, the car they drive etc. But, in reality, the reality of being a human, a creature which is going to live on this planet for a very short period of time, what real relevance does any of this have? Well, from my perspective and experience it has little to no relevance. Of course, we need money to live, and any normal person likes to be comfortably. But many, especially in the US and Western Europe etc. are nothing more than unhappy slaves blind to the fact of the shitty situation in which they are living.

I have travel quite a bit and spent time in countries where poverty can be extreme. But people live, survive, raise families and persevere. I have said to many people that I don’t think I have come across a depressed person in Africa. There are plenty of poor people, all working and trying their best to feed their families in very shitty fucking circumstances. Their motivation is that they don’t have any other choice but to work, if they don’t, they will starve.

I remember dealing with a very wealthy couple in Miami, who I was helping with an issue they had, which to me was a non-issue. Anyway, they decided to go into hiding at the Trump Towers on Miami Beach. They fled their house in Naples, Florida and rented an apartment for a few months at the Trump Towers, such is America…

I remember when I went to see them after their move and the wife came down to the lobby of the condo building to take me up to their apartment. The elevator small talk consisted of her explaining to me how depressed her and her husband were, how they could not sleep etc. They were nice people, but I think some people just like having drama in their lives because they are that bored and need attention. This couple had the money to go where they wanted, live how they wanted and legally solve their problems but… Such is America…

This very wealthy couple I would class as very unhappy people, who were caught up in the charade of a world that they had created, all of which they could walk away from at any time. In contrast when in Central and Eastern Europe I rarely see Gypsy kids who are not smiling or joking around. Can money buy you happiness, of fucking course it can, but you need to be a secure and appreciative person in the first place or else it will just turn you even more sour and rotten.

As human beings we are affected by a wide array of emotions, all of which have some reason behind them and can be directed for positive and negative reasons. I think those people, those experts, that seem to think people should be happy all the time are total fucktards. Personally, I find people who are happy all the time fucking annoying. When dealing with such people for any length of time I tend to go out of my way to fuck with them just to piss them off. It can be hilarious to see such people throwing a fit and then seeing if they melt down or just go back to being an annoying happy cunt.

We all have bad days, weeks, months or years and I know some people who seem to be happy being grumpy cunts, I am sure some would class me as one. Being pissed off, angry or stressed are just some of the emotions that everyone needs to go through on a regular basis to be functional humans. But, many experts will say they are negative emotions that need to be repressed… Well, then why do we as humans have these emotions within us in the first place if they are not meant to be there? Shouldn’t 200 million years of evolution have gotten them out of our systems by now? Or are these woke experts just pushing an all controlling agenda and the happy pills to go with it?  

I know quite a few people who have apparently had issues with clinical depression etc. and for some reason they all seem to have been living in the United States. Three of the people that come to mind literally went from being normal functioning adults to being placed in mental health care for their own safety. And there was a lot of shit for all involved along their journey from the world of the sane, to that of the dysfunctional and over medicated.

How can healthy people in a relatively short period of time end up as manic and delusional train crashes? Well with the help of drug peddling doctors who claim to being doing the best for their patients can be the first step. Doctors doing what society requires them to do, prescribe drugs to people that don’t need them so that they and the drug companies can profit. The patients are doing their bit for society by consuming the drugs and requiring the assistance of therapists, psychologists, and social workers. So, the doctors by getting people whacked out on drugs are also creating an array of employment opportunities…  Fucked up shit, right? It all depends on your perspectives…

In Africa if a child is depressed they will get a slap from their parents and get back to leaning, growing, and developing, in the US they get medicated and possibly a sex change. From my worldly, common sense, non-medical expert perspective the causes for depression, as it’s known in Western Europe and the US, have more to do with social pressures and cultural values rather than someone’s weak mental health. It’s a society that wants victims and encourages weakness which, is something that is very much against the ways humans have been developing for almost 200 million years. It’s not in line with human development, it’s the just the insane ideas of the wealthy and influential elites who have decided to play with nature, or play God.

As I have already said, we all encounter and go through shit situations, and we should. Sheltering children and adults from life’s problems has no positive gains. I know of parents who pamper their adult children as it they are 5-year-olds. The parents might believe they are doing the very best for their children, but will their spoiled little brats be able to take care of themselves after the parents die? Will these entitled little brats be able to handle the failures that they are certain to encounter in the big bad world without mummy or daddy to hold their hands and wiping their asses? Or, will they just be another client for the happy pill pushing doctors and their chums?

Accepted the problems you encounter in life, embrace them, learn from them and move on. And always remember when you’re in a pissed off mood or a shit situation that things can always get a lot fucking worse. Always remember that life and everything in it is temporary, nothing lasts, good times and bad times all come to an end at some point. So, learn to make the best of all situations and look for the positives not the negatives.

Some situations that seem like disasters at the time can turn out to be blessings. Losing a job can cause financial issues but can also be the kick in the ass you need for a fresh start. A marriage or relationship coming to an end can finally remove you from a toxic environment that you had become accustomed to and comfortable in for too long. Whatever the problem there are always solutions even though it might take a while and a lot of work to get where you want to be, but that is life in general.

A friend of mine was once telling me that when they are in a negative mood, they like to give money away to people that need it more than he does. For him I suppose by understanding that even though his situation might be rough at times the situations of other people can be a lot more dire. By being able to help others also, I am sure, adds peace and value to my friend’s life.

We are living in a time where the majority of people are slaving in the hope of being able to live the lives of others. The others, who themselves for the most are just contrived images on social media. Staged images of unhappy people faking lifestyles that are pure fantasy. The perfect people, in the perfect settings… Well, from my experience perfection is something I have never ever come across in humans.

Few people seem to appreciate what they actually have, especially those in developed countries, for whom contentment seems to be endless greed. But to learn to appreciate you must have at some point gone without and preferably suffered.

Personally, I am happiest when I am traveling light, just what I need, not that I own much anyway when compared to most people. I move around to much so “things” are just a burden. And why invest in “things” that when you die will just end up in a second-hand shop or flea market being sold for pennies. I pity people who need endless “things”, humans are not meant to be this way. Dependence on anything is an addiction, so it pretty fucking sad for the people to be addicted to “things”… Even fucking sadder for people to idolize the influences and their fake worlds that are all about “things”…

I hear all time about people being in toxic environments, this I can understand, but I don’t understand those that stay in them. Maybe they are just comfortable in the toxicity, which is something that is very common. If you’re in a shit job then find another one, if you’re in a shit relationship then go and fuck someone else, if your home life sucks then move on… You can do whatever you want, plan it, work, save your pennies, move and progress… Things might be shit to start with but it’s always better to be free than a slave, in my opinion anyway, but many people are too comfortable being slaves and complaining about their shit… Their choice completely…  

I gave up worrying about others’ opinions a long time ago, but it amazes me how many people actually take others opinions seriously, the opinions of fucktards seriously. Evaluate who is of value in your world and listen to those who are positive and have your genuine interest at heart. These might not seem to you to be the nicest of those people in your circles, but they will be the most honest.

The nicest people are usually the creeps, the manipulators, those who seek to use you and stab you in the back and betray you. Seek the advice and friendship of those who will tell you you’re a cunt if you’re acting like a cunt. Those that don’t have the time for time wasters and bullshit. These people will take you further and also out of your toxic environments… Wallowing in others sympathy and fake attention is no different than pigs wallowing in their own shit.

Happiness is a choice, and life will always be full of problems, but that’s part the adventure. Realize we are all going to die sometime, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, so don’t waste your time and learn to appreciate everything. But to appreciate the most you must suffer, something which most humans are terrified of doing, so they will never really live, which is their choice…

Orlando W.

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