Private Investigators

Orlando “Andy” Wilson and his associates at Risks Incorporated have many years of diverse international investigation and risks management experience and have undertaken cases which were the first of their kind in their respective countries. Over years they have become accustomed to encountering and dealing with the issues of organized crime, police and government corruption while representing their clients. Their clients can always be assured that Orlando & Risks Inc. always work in their interest and provide them with the candid facts, real perspectives, and solutions.

The international private investigators within Orlando’s network come from the private investigations, military/civilian police, intelligence, and investigative journalism backgrounds. Orlando and Risks Inc. has a large network with associates in Europe, The Middle East,  Africa, North and Latin America. Orlando’s investigative services include:

  • Corporate intelligence
  • Individual background checks
  • Corporate due-diligence
  • Asset location
  • Debt collection
  • Internal fraud
  • News sourcing
  • Investigative journalism
  • Criminal investigations
  • Pretext operations
  • Undercover operations
  • Counter corporate espionage
  • Surveillance & counter surveillance
  • Close protection
  • Security management

Orlando’s network includes international private investigators, security experts and tactical instructors who have operated throughout Latin America, Europe, Africa and MENA who are available for consultancy, operational and training services.

If you have any questions about Orlando’s international private investigators or security services, please don’t hesitate to contact him. Click here for contact page!

Orlando Wilson - Investigator & Writer