Revenge… Is It Worth It?

You should always understand and accept the consequences of your actions before you take the actions, this especially applies when you seek to take revenge on someone who has wronged you. It’s very easy for those seeking revenge to end up with legal issues, losing assets, being publicly smeared, and even physically harmed by taking actions which in their minds are completely justified.

Over the years I have personally spent too much time dwelling on issues and going out of my way to cause inconveniences for those who have wronged me. Legal inconveniences, because be assured those that usually screw others over or scam them, are this first people to run crying to the cops and authorities if they themselves are wronged or threatened in anyway.

A base line rule in life needs to be that you only deal with decent, respectful, and responsible people. If someone of any quality makes a mistake, and we all make mistakes, they will take responsibility for the mistakes and do their best to rectify the situation…

Shit happens in life, and the issues start when those responsible for the shit don’t make any effort to clean up the mess they made. Also, we have those that don’t really care about the mess they cause, who in their minds are so far above and detached from the smell of their own shit that they don’t care who has to clean it up.

Many of the issues I have seen and dealt with over the years have been the result of situations that could have been avoided, but due people’s egos and delusions easily rectifiable situations ended up turning into disasters for all involved.

And then what usually happens is that those responsible for the mess go into a state of denial, play victim, blame everyone else for the clusterfuck, and do nothing to right the wrongs, even if they have the means to do so… To me, this is just regular human behavior, but I understand that the majority of people are irresponsible, self centered, and pathetic creatures.

In my line of work, I regularly get people approaching me as they want to get even with people who have ripped them off or wronged them in some way. Everything from people being scammed, losing money on business deals, or finding out the love of their life has been sucking and fucking others. I tell the majority of these people just to move on with their lives as what they seek is either illegal, or would just be too expensive and time consuming and that they would have more satisfaction if they invested the time and cash into more productive activities.

However badly someone has scammed you or attacked you, you cannot threaten or intimate them, because if you do you can end up committing a criminal offense or being sued civilly. If you are seeking revenge then emotions must me removed from the equation, with facts, research and solid advice taking their place. Many people are jailed, hurt and killed due to crimes of passion, and usually it’s the person who saw themselves as the initial victim that gets fucked up in some way for a second time.

If you have been scammed or lost money to someone who intended from the start to rip you off or just doesn’t give a fuck about you, be assured that if you threaten them with anything illegal, they will be reporting you to the police. These days in many places a social media post that can offend someone can result in the person responsible for the post be arrested. So, if you threaten someone with physical harm your local cops will be coming to take you away…

Barking threats at people is never advisable, even if the threats are of justifiable legal action because all you are doing is showing your opponents what you possibly intend to do, which means they can prepare a defense in advance. By barking threats without following them up with actions you just make yourself look stupid and impotent, and after a while everyone who can be bothered to listen will stop being taking you barks seriously. Lions don’t turn their heads for barking dogs…

Understanding the mindsets and culture of those that wronged you is also extremely important. From a street perspective the most dangerous people are those with nothing to lose, and the most vulnerable are those with everything to lose. Another side of this is that those with nothing are classed as the dregs of society while those with everything are the elites. Think about this…

A poor person who goes and hammers on the front door of their affluent former boss, who let’s say just went conveniently bankrupt, and demands their wages stands a good chance of being arrested, or in some US states shot. Threatening such elites in their own environments, where they are looked up to by the usual civil servants, will just cause more problems for the honest working people they have scammed and shit on. Whereas the outwardly respectable and monied city gent caught in a shady hotel toilet cubicle with his casual boy-toy lover should understand that he is not in a positive position for negotiations, especially if the police are the ones who found him there. So, always chose the ground you fight on and your strategy very carefully…

If you are seeking revenge then find a angle, a weakness or a vice your opponent has and exploit it legally. And remember civil lawsuit cost money and the only ones that usually benefit are the lawyers. Where possible and where there is clear evidence of illegal activities always involved the police and authorities and ensure you follow the right procedures and protocols, as you do not want to be arrested yourself for such things as illegally gathering evidence etc.

If you are owed money or assets, then always ensure you have the proper recites and proofs of ownership before any attempts at collections or legal actions. Taking an asset that you don’t have proof of ownership for can result in you being arrested for thief even if you’ve paid for it. A lot of scammers and dubious salespeople rely on buyers not keeping or asking for recites of payment, especially where cash is concerned. Once cash is out of your hands it is no longer yours, and a $100 dollar bill can turn into $10 when in the hands of an unscrupulous cashier.

When many people have been ripped off, disrespected, or slandered the first people they go to for help is lawyers. Well, the fact is most lawyers are only interested in helping themselves and very few are what I would class as competent. They will tell you that your problem is solvable, that they are the best ones to solve it, and when you give them their fee, they will do as little as possible to try to solve it. But, will do everything possible to try to extend the case just to suck more money out of you. Lawyers should always be a last resort, closely supervised and never trusted.

If your route to revenge is suing your opponent then ensure they actually have funds and assets to pay you with if you win any cases against them. A wise business person will own nothing or before a pending bankruptcy give, place or sell their wealth and assets to family, friends or other friendly companies. Layering assets is a basic in all business management protocols for people who work in sectors where being sued and fucked with is part of the business. In such cases the legal recovery of funds can be extremely difficult as bankruptcy is a legal protection and if the person owns nothing then there is nothing to collect.

Many seek revenge on others for emotional issues, for having their feelings hurt, for being disrespected etc. Well, my initial response to such cases is that emotions won’t pay your bills… Words are just hot air, if someone has an issue with you then cut them off and move on. If your lover is cheating then find someone else, that shit works both ways. In all such cases, move on and don’t waste time on people who are not worth it.

There are many people I dislike, so I don’t deal with them. There quite a few business competitors who post bullshit on my social media, and they get blocked, they are not worth a reply, I have better things to do. Understand that you are not compatible with everyone so choose carefully who you interact with, it’s your choice, and if you see any red flags cut them off. Don’t engage with those who are of no use to you and only seek to feed off you. Also don’t give anyone the opportunity or information they need to discredit you.

If people want to talk shit about me then they are free to do so, and if I have done wrong then they are in the right to do so. But if their facts are wrong then those with half a brain will see the truth through their bullshit…  As for those that can’t get the shit out their eyes, well, I don’t deal with idiots so they are irrelevant to me…

Understanding who you are dealing with is essential as this will influence the strategy and plans for your course of revenge and determine the possible outcome. Before you start with your campaign you need to have established what the desired end result is, and also ensured that the steps you are taking to getting it are legitimate and legal.

Sometimes when you have a strategy and an angle worked out a conversion with an associate of your opponent might solve the problem. Friends of an opponent will have greater influence over them and their communications will be taken more seriously than those coming from you. You will be viewed as an enemy by your opponent so their guard will be up which will effect any attempts at rational communications.

Unnecessary threats, barking and exposure of your desired end result will always have a negative impact on your credibility and a successful outcome. By making too much noise you will just draw unnecessary attention to you and your intentions.

If what you are seeking is to embarrass or humiliate your opponent then, after you ensure that your actions are legal, and that the evidence that is to be presented to them, or distributed their social media followers, or those you need to influence is factual and relevant it’s release must be swift and totally unexpected. Such things are best released on social media when your opponents are asleep, so work out their bed times! This will give your evidence more time to circulate before your opponents can wake up and start to counter attack your accusations and evidence.

If you’re dealing with potentially violent people or criminals be very careful. If you put people in a position where they stand to lose everything they own, their family or a lover then their responses can be violent. Your personal security and that of those on your side always needs to be considered in your pre-planning and strategies. Remember, if you are the source of problems for some people their solution could be just be to intimate or harms you to the extent you are no longer a problem. Simple right?

In the situation where people are coming after you for debts or because they think you have wronged them, then sit down and work out a logical and legal course of action that includes contingencies for hostile situations. Again, gather the required evidence, talk to the police if you are being threatened and if you live in areas where you can legally carry firearms and weapons for self defense get the required permits to carry, training and read up on the laws concerning the legal use of force.

In cases of extortion or stalkers it can be difficult for the police to help you unless there is hard evidence that you are being targeted. It will be up to you to collect the evidence of unwanted communications, threats, harassment, surveillance, and incidents. Hopefully when you have the evidence the authorities will take action, but don’t be surprised if they refuse to help, as most police forces are predominately reactionary.

The best defense against being extorted or stalked is to be very careful who you interact with both professionally and personally. Don’t get involved with people or situations that can cause you problems at later dates. If you see any red flags about others while you are dealing with them then believe your instincts and act accordingly. Cutting people out of your circle is not impolite if it’s for your benefit and peace, it’s essential.

Throughout life many people will disrespect you, most are that stupid and arrogant they won’t even realize they are doing it. To them you are irrelevant. So, why give these people relevance in your world? Why let people annoy you so much that you waste mental energy and irreplaceable time thinking about their bullshit? Mental energy and time which you could be directing towards a lot more positive activities.

Some people need to get a taste of their own medicine but if you choose to give it to them be very careful and ensure what you are doing is legal. If it’s legal then also understand the consequences of the possible fallout of your desired end result and everyone it could affect. It might give you satisfaction to jokingly let someone’s social media followers know about their golden shower fetish, but it could also have a negative emotional impact of their wife, children and the clients of their law firm…

The movies say revenge is a dish best served cold, but I will say it should be a dish that stays in the kitchen… Unless of course it’s going to be broken over someone’s head, and the you must understand, such things can get you in to a lot of trouble…

Orlando W.

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