Welcome To London - Capital of Knife Crime

Welcome To London the Capital of Knife Crime

“Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society”
~ Aristotle ~

I was sent the below two videos of knife fights that took place in broad daylight in London today… All I can say is what the hell has gone wrong with London and the UK in general?

I lived in London for 9 years before I left the UK and there has always been crime and violence there, as there is in any major city. But what has changed in London that these kiddy criminals have the confidence to walk around with machetes and fight in public? They know they will be videoed and broadcast on social media, is this part of the ego trip and thrill? Back in the day if people had such issues the fights happened behind closed doors…

Warning – The Article Contains Graphic Videos That Show Violence

I am seeing on social media and hearing a lot of Brits complaining about the issues of knife crime etc. My response to those complaining is, suck it up… You helped create the mess by ignoring the warning signs that these issues were coming and repeatedly voting stupid and ignorant politicians into power again and again.

When there are so many well qualified people in the UK why does the British public keep voting for the spoiled little Eaton boys and the like to run the country… It’s obvious these over privileged little brats have no context of the realities faced by the average British person or family.

On the basic issues of terrorism it would be interesting to know how many former Islamic Extremists such as the “White Helmets” have been resettled in the UK nice and quietly… But, the British Secret Services were supporting the Islamic Extremists anyway… So, the British public has no need-to-know what terrorists are in the country, that’s up to their master’s to decide!

Terror trial collapses after fears of deep embarrassment to security services. Swedish national Bherlin Gildo’s lawyers argued British intelligence agencies were supporting the same Syrian opposition groups as he was…

If the British government is happy to support and relocate Islamic Extremists into the UK, do you really think they care about knife crime that is only affecting the peasants and not them… I am sure if they were honest, which they never will be, they could not care less…

I know quite a few British Police officers and I know for a fact many are not happy with the way things are going with policing in the UK. They want to do their jobs and go after the criminals, but their hands are tied by politically correct bureaucrats, whos idea of policing is kissing ass and appeasing whoever is in favor as their careers and promotions depend on it. Fighting crime is not the priority, appearing to be a caring and understanding person is the priority, no need to worry if your country is falling apart btw…

Back to knife crime, well for a start I like knives and I still have a fairly decent knife collection…  I grew up in Cornwall and worked on fishing boats and from about the age of 9 years old I always tended to carry a pocket knife, including to school, as did many others. Back then did kids fight, of course. Did anyone ever get stabbed? Nope! I worked of fishing boats before joining the army, and there were plenty of fights and plenty of knives around… Did anyone ever get stabbed? Nope!

You cannot blame a knife for the failings of society, and it lacks morals and values. I left home at 16 years old to work on fishing boats, I then joined the Army and was in Northern Ireland before I was 18 years old. So, if you think I am talking from a perspective of “White Privilege”, then you are part the problem!

The incidents in these videos are not the behavior of people with mental health issues who are seeking attention, they are knife fights between armed criminals. As UK does not have the death sentence, then such criminals should spend the rest of their lives behind bars, society does not need them or those that protect them.

The facts are Western society has gone soft, it has been emasculated and lost its balls. And now the scumbags who would have been harshly disciplined years ago get to run free because there are no consequences for them to really fear.

The only people that can be blamed for the mess in UK at the moment are the British people because they have let this happen to their country. It is not about immigration, race or religion, it’s about discipline and values which the UK began to lose a long time ago!

Orlando W.


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