Raped & Murdered – Ethnic Violence in Nigeria

I hope this article and video disturbs you… I hope it makes some of you want to vomit as you sit in your comfy and safe homes, offices or coffee shops etc… I am sure the young lady in the below video would have loved for the opportunity to be sat where you are now instead of being raped, murdered, and dragged through the mud like a bag of garbage. But her reality, like that of many others like her, is a lot different than the reality that you live in!

This video was sent to me by Dr. Ezi Mecha of the World Ebony Network, an organization that is doing all they can to make the international community aware of the violence that is being committed against women and communities in Africa and Internationally. The video below shows Fulani herdsmen in the South Eastern Nigeria after they had apparently kidnapped, raped and murdered a young Igbo woman. I think it’s clear from the men’s actions in the video that they were not giving her first aid or rescuing her…

I find it amazing that these days with all the human rights activist, NGO’s and concerned politicians that things like this are a regular occurrence in some parts of the world… The complete and blatant hypocrisy of the vast majority of the human rights activist, NGO’s and concerned politicians makes me want to vomit… As such people promote their perfect world visions and fund raising campaigns while dressed in designer labels, in their exclusive offices many of people they claim to want to help are being raped, slaughtered, or just simply starving to death… But at least these activist, NGO’s and politicians have thought about helping…

I recent put up an article on the situation in Nigeria concerning the #ENDSARS movement and protests that also explained the situation and ethnic issues within Nigeria. The situation in South Eastern Nigeria is volatile as Muslim Fulani Herdsmen from Northern Nigeria are pushing into the south and forcefully taking over and occupying the lands of the locals. It seems the Fulani Herdsmen are taking over the lands and committing their crimes with the blessing of many of the local and federal authorities. Click here to read the article #ENDSARS

I hope this short article and video leaves a very bad taste in your mouth as it did in mine as I was putting it together…

Orlando W.

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