Freedom Lost – Welcome to the New World Order

In many countries there have been very questionable restrictions put into place to supposedly control this Covid Pandemic that really make no sense. These are crazy days where the Covid Pandemic has left many people struggling to stay in business and keep their jobs, but also there are many who are exploiting the situation not just for financial gain but also power…

It is clear to many that “freedom” as we knew it has gone and it disappeared for many in the blink of an eye. For the wise, it was being taken away bit by bit for a long time. They say Hitler and other dictators were and are able to commit their atrocities because of civil servants that just follow orders and do their job… This is a very true statement…

In the below video you can see families being harassed and arrested for playing music by armed police… This is not Taliban controlled Afghanistan… This is Europe… This is Greece the birthplace of modern democracy… Apparently these heavily armed police were called because this taverna was playing music which is a violation of the Covid rules… I understand that rules are rules but why send in black clad and armed police to turn the music off in a restaurant? The people here are families, hardworking decent people, not criminals, well once upon a time they were not criminals…

I have spent a fair bit of time in Greece and its crazy to see what was once a very free county being turned into a fascist state… I remember one evening talking to a gentleman who confessed to me he was a rank communist; I found this amusing as what he was complaining about was the same that I hear from the libertarians… Too much government control for the sake of the bourgeoisie and the large corporations…

Personally, I think the Greek police would be better off going after the blatantly corrupt politicians, money launders and NGO’s that have been exploiting the country and the EU rather than arresting restaurant owners for playing music… But, I am not a civil servant so, my perspectives are different…

The Police State

I lived in the United States of American for 18 years, which was about 10 years too long in retrospect. Many times, I heard parents discussing the issues of disciplining their children and how the only thing they could really do legally for a disruptive child was to call the police. They could not spank the child themselves as that could be classed as child abuse. The problem if the police were called is that the child can end up being arrested… If you think this is farfetched then check the following story!

More than 30,000 children under age 10 have been arrested in the US since 2013: FBI @

Personally, I am single, and I do not have children, but I see a major problem with families having to rely on the police to resolve their family issues. This in itself is undermining the role of the family and its traditional values. It is sending the message that the government has control of your children’s wellbeing and discipline, and if you disagree with your child’s behavior there is very little you can do about it… There is a big difference between disciplining a child and child abuse and those guilty of child abuse should feel the full force of the law, but sadly these days parents who are trying to teach their children solid values are ending being treated as criminals.

Also, as far as children and schooling is concerned, I personally find it very disturbing that young children under 10 years old these days are being taught about such things as sexuality, masturbation, homosexuality, and transgenderism. Firstly, should not children be allowed to just be children and develop naturally? And secondly, who in their right mind would want to teach such things to young pre-teen children? Again, in my opinion, in a perfect world, whoever is pushing such agendas towards young children should immediately be investigated for pedophilia inclinations. It is senseless that these days people have no say on what their children are taught at school even if it goes against their core values and beliefs. But, remember your core values and belief must be in line with government guidelines…

It’s very easy these days for decent, hardworking and law-abiding people in the U.S. and Western Europe to end up being arrested, just as your average common criminal for doing nothing more than voicing their opinions, or just trying to raise their family and live the way they want without harming others.

Covid-19 Vaccines

Another flash point for the Covid Pandemic is vaccinations. If you are pro-vaccination or anti-vaccination that is your choice, but it should be clear to everyone that a lot of people have gotten very rich due to Covid-19.

In the last few days Greece and France have declared they will be bringing in mandatory vaccinations for certain workers and also limiting where unvaccinated people can socialize etc. From what I understand and to put it simply if you cannot prove you are vaccinated you will not be able to use cafes, bars and restaurants to start with… There may be exceptions if you have just taken a PCR test at your own cost…

Now, Covid-19 is not the first disease that the world has encountered, so why the over reaction to what is a bad strain of flu that only effects a small percentage of the population? Why are we all suffering for the sake of a few? Is this about saving the lives of old and sick people, who the chances are if we go back 30 or 40 years would have been dead by now anyway, but have been kept alive past their natural expiry date due to improvements in modern drugs and health care?

I think everyone is more than aware of the risk of Covid-19 and what precautions they need to take. So, should it not be up to the owners of the restaurants, cafes, and bars if they want to let vaccinated or unvaccinated people use their venues? If people are afraid of contracting Covid-19 then they can stay at home, that is their choice for their own safety, and I respect that.

I see an issue with forced vaccination because after this has been done once, then it will de done again. Diseases are part of nature, even if this one was made in a laboratory in China… Death is the only guaranteed thing in life, none of us will live forever… So, the next time a new stain of the flu or some disease is discovered the world will come to a halt again and everyone will need to be vaccinated again?

I am glad the HIV (AIDS) was discovered in the 1980’s as I would hate to see the worlds response to that today… Would people have been banned from having sex? Would you have to register when and where you had sex and with whom? Would those caught having unregistered sex been arrested and jailed?

One funny point I have heard about the vaccination program in France is the police and gendarmerie are exempt from mandatory vaccinations. Wise move by the government as they do not want resignations and issues with the civil servants that will be protecting them and enforcing their agendas…

As for the risks of taking the vaccines, well, let me put this into context, do you know what chemicals and preservatives are in the foods you are eating? Do you eat junk food such as McDonalds, which is not really real food, but a laboratory manufactured food substitute? I lived in the United States for too many years and of course drank for fluoride infused water and ate the food there, a lot of which is banned in other countries due to it being GMO modified and their excessive use of pesticides and chemicals. Believe me, if your government wants you vaccinated or drugged, they will find a way…

Free Movement

Many people have come out and said the travel and movement restrictions due to Covid-19 are blatantly illegal under many national laws and constitute people being placed under house arrest. In Greece for example people had to send an SMS text message to leave their home stating the reason they were leaving and could not travel more than a few kilometers from their homes.

What was surprising in Greece was they the system for sending the SMS text message to verify if people could leave their homes was put into place very quickly, almost as soon as the Covid 19 lockdowns started. For a country which has been renowned for taking its time to get things done, it is obvious this SMS text message system must have been developed and put into place way before the Covid pandemic. And for what reason?

While citizens and legal residents of countries have had to deal with strict lockdown regulations with fines and arrests if found to be violating them the illegal immigrants have continued to travel across continents unobstructed.

I have lived in for extended periods of time in quite a few countries, and I am well aware of visa regulations and know for a fact that if I overstayed my visa I am going to be fined and most likely refused entry to that country in the future. In 2017 I was in Iraqi Kurdistan when they voted for independence, which resulted in among other things all their international airports being closed down by the Iraqi government. To leave I had to fly through Baghdad for a connecting flight to Abu Dhabi. I was fined $400 USD in Baghdad as I had entered Iraq without an Iraqi visa, even though I was just transiting through the airport.

I am certain that if you are an American businessman and you overstay your visa in UK you will have problems especially if it was found out you have been working without a UK work permit. In the meantime, in UK there are illegal immigrants pouring across the English Channel and facing no criminal charges for illegally entering the UK. On the contrary, they are being fed, housed, and given benefits by the UK government.

For UK citizens and legal residents if they are returning form certain countries they must be quarantined in a government allocated hotel at a cost on 1,750 UK pounds, and the standards of these hotels, their security and service is reputedly very bad. Meanwhile those illegally entering UK are being placed if 4-star hotels for free! This to me does not make any sense, it is a slap in the face to the British people and they are taking it with a polite smile. What else can they do?

Travellers stuck in £1,750 London quarantine hotel complain about ‘nightmare’ conditions @

The story is the same across most of Europe, law abiding people are having to deal with strict rules and restrictions while illegal migrants are being given a free pass while they break the law. In many cases where children are being brough illegally into Europe there are clear child welfare and endangerment concerns. If citizens and legal residents of European countries knowingly exposed their children to the same risks that my illegal migrants expose their children to the children would be taken into government care and the parents imprisoned.

While there is blatant issue with border security and the enforcement of laws, we must commend the Dutch border guards who were seizing the ham sandwiches of drivers arriving at their border from UK. They were willing to enforce such minor laws against drivers arriving from the UK legally but do little if anything to stop illegal immigrants pouring across their borders. I think this highlights the complete hypocrisy and farce of these obviously broken government directives and agencies and their spoiled child like mentalities.

Dutch officials seize ham sandwiches of drivers arriving from UK @

Division and Hatred

All the issues I have spoken about in this short article helps to feed divisions within societies and pushes people on all side towards extremism. When illegal immigrants are given preferential treatment over citizens and the legal residents of a country it fuels resentment and ultimately racism.

When certain groups within a society can speak freely and voice their opinions but others cannot it causes fractures and pushes people towards extremism. An insane example of this is where the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) recently put out an advert for a job that was “only open to black, Asian and ethnically diverse candidates”. Is this not racist? If someone advertised a job for “Whites Only” I am sure the British police would be hammering on their door and putting them in handcuffs with extreme efficiency.

‘How is this legal?’ BBC bans white people from applying for Springwatch & One Show job @

The BBC is a government and publicly funded entity that should be completely politically neutral but it’s clearly not. By placing such adverts, the BBC is fueling racial divide and hatred. Those I know who are from ethnic backgrounds find such things ridiculous as then know it does nothing but antagonizes and give justification for racist groups. It is clear that many media outlets today are going out of their way to promote racist agendas and they are being allowed to do so with impunity.   

So why are the media and social media outlets being allowed to fuel racism and extremism without repercussions? Well, I expect it’s because the politicians and government agencies are terrified of them. What could be worse for a politician, civil servant, or celebrities’ career than to be called racist or anti-Semitic etc.? Even if the facts of the accusations were not clear the calls for this victim of the media to resign and their loss of endorsements and contracts would be immediate.

We are living in a time where the real power in the U.S. and Western Europe is with the media companies and not the governments. The modern politician, civil servant and influencer fears the media and their decisions are made to ensure they comply with the current media opinions. It is no longer about what’s right or wrong, it is about how they will be perceived by the media. Even when it is clear the media outlets a pushing an agenda which is fueling hatred and polarizing people they are allowed to do so without repercussions.

Freedom of speech is now only allowed if it complies with the opinions of the media and its approved influencers, and there is little the common person can do to change this situation. How we got to this stage and allowed this to happen is mind boggling for those that can still think freely for themselves.

In my brief conversation with the Greek communist, who I met by chance and have never met again, he said a few things that made perfect sense. One of which was that pure communism was an idea that some crazy and focused men used to change the world and he was right. Could such a thing happen these days, I will say definitely not… Well, not yet…

People these days are too comfortable, when communism swept the world in the early 20th century and beyond its power base was with the poor people who had nothing to lose. The same can be said of fascism. While people have food, somewhere to live and an OK standard of living then they will have no real desire for change.

And if people did want the system to change, what could they do? Most decent people are not going to risk breaking the law or losing their jobs. They have mortgages, car payments and families to think about. They can not risk missing a paycheck, going to court, being fined, or jailed or having their bank accounts frozen for some crazy idea such as freedom.

While people are comfortable there will be no change to our broken system and society and the longer people are comfortable the true meaning of freedom is being forgotten.

Orlando W.

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  1. Greetings from one of the last free places in the Western Hemisphere– The Ozark Mountains of Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Freeest place in America.

    @Orlando Wilson:

    Last week a local Sheriff deputy pulled me over. I had my AR with a round in the chamber mounted right by the driver’s console and a S&W 9mm in a shoulder holster. We had a nice chat. He informed me of a problem I’ve since fixed, gave me a verbal warning…and never even asked me about the firearms he saw clear as day.

    Here we have no local police, just a Sheriff and a few Deputies.

    Here, there are No Zoning laws, No building permits, nor inspections. Never had a mask or Vax mandate in Missouri. Missouri Gov. is going to offer unemployment to federal employees fired for not getting jabbed. The only State doing that! About one in eight residents in our county is a US military veteran.

    Countless thousands of Americans have come here as refugees in their own country just this last year. Even more are heading here, selling everything and just coming to Freedom.

    No hordes of Bolsheviks will ever make it this far. If the Covidist regime in power in the US today comes…well… let’s just say this is light Infantry country, and unless the regime wants to use JDams and CBUs on its own people ad nauseum, they will fail. They’d need to nuke us.

    The US military hasn’t had much luck the last Century against small, old-fashioned, stubborn little people who refuse to give up and are just patient and determined.

    On our ridge here in near-paradise, we’re building what we pray will become a small Orthodox Christian Community of families. We can stand against a government siege indefinitely here, no matter what form it takes. If Biden starts war with Russia, I expect they’ll start putting Americans who are Russian Orthodox Christians in camps, especially the thousands of us US military vets who’ve come to the Church through Conversion. Roads are easily controlled here. Plenty of food, fresh clean water and wood for heating fuel in these “hills and hollers”.

    The Second US Civil War has already begun. Most just don’t realize it yet because they don’t realize the first US Civil War was an anomaly with it’s Mason Dixon Line, large conventional units and pitched large battles. This one’s more in line with the Spanish Civil War and the violence in Ireland.

    May God grant victory to all Orthodox Christians over their enemies+


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