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Kidnap and Ransom Services

Kidnap and Ransom Services

Our kidnap and ransom services are aimed at professional people who, due to the professions or personal circumstance, may be exposed to threats from organized criminals or terrorists. The terrorism and kidnap prevention services we provided are very down to earth and provided simple and effective ways to avoid or identify organized criminals or terrorist’s threats and if necessary deal with them.

Over the past couple of decades kidnapping and hostage taking have become a booming multimillion-dollar business. Unlike the movies you do not need to be high profile or a high roller to be kidnapped, it can happen to virtually anyone for a multitude of reasons. In the emerging markets of the Middle East, Latin America and Africa business owners within the middle classes are often the targets for criminal gangs.

We have no financial backers and are therefore completely independent; this enables us to give impartial advice and services. We are a young, progressive international consultancy which has proven itself many times on operations that our competitors could only dream of completing successfully.

We are able to provide a full range of kidnap and ransom services including:

  • Personal security training
  • Stalker management services
  • Anti – terrorism and kidnap prevention training
  • Counter-espionage services
  • Advance security services
  • Operational threat assessments
  • Liaison with law enforcement in the case of an emergency
  • Hostage negotiation services
  • Extraction teams and repatriation services
  • Close protection / bodyguard services
  • Provision of safe houses

Orlando’s network includes international private investigators, security experts and tactical instructors who have operated throughout Latin America, Europe, Africa and MENA including Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia and Nigeria who are available for consultancy, operational and training services.

If you have any questions about our kidnap and ransom services, private investigators or security services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. All inquiries about our kidnap and ransom services and hostage negotiation services are kept strictly confidential.

Orlando Wilson

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