The United States War With Mexico & The Drug Cartels

It’s funny to see in the US media that many are calling for the US Government to go to war with the Mexican Drug Cartels after the recent opportunist abduction of four Americans in Northern Mexico, which resulted in two of them ending up dead… Nothing more than Sicarios seeing a possible pay day for some gringos who accidentally wandered into a regular shootout over turf.

It always takes American Citizens to be killed or kidnapped for the media to take notice of the Narco wars south of the border. It makes sense as journalists reporting on the clashes between Cartels and their related businesses have a habit of turning up dead and not in one piece…

I understand Mexico a little bit, I worked there a number of years ago and until now I am still the only tourist who has ever been accused of torturing Mexican police. When my associates and I were training cops in Guanajuato State it was a peaceful place, now it’s one of the most violent States in Mexico.

Mexico has always been a free country, a land of legends, bandits and outlaws, that is part of what Mexico is all about. An independent and ungovernable people untied by the identity of being Mexican.

It was clear to me many years ago that the issues with the modern drug Cartels was more that just an issues of drug dealers and smugglers. It was clear it was a very well-organized insurgency. Or we could say a well established and acknowledged shadow government, economy and culture.

One of the big questions that has remained unanswered is why has the US Government ignored the rise of the Cartels? They have made some moves and extradited some players but done nothing to really inhibit the Narcos, who have gone from strength to strength. The US wages wars in other countries but ignores the real threat that’s sat on its Southern Border. Well, not just sat but spread through its country like cancer.

Is the US Government scared of a clash with Mexico and its Narcos? I would say yes, very much so… Why? Because they are in no way prepared for dirty war that would result from openly trying to eradicate the Cartels.

To start with, how many US law enforcement personnel and government officials have already been bought and paid for by Narco money. How many US law enforcement personnel and government officials would happily be bought and paid for is faced with the choices of “Silver or Lead”? And, if your reading this thinking that US cops, agents and politicians can’t be bought all I can say is wake the fuck up! If everyone if straight and doing their jobs diligently why they fuck is the US full of illegal immigrants and awash with drugs?

The Mexican Drug Cartels are businesses with military wings that are well trained in intelligence gathering, analysis and of course killing. To efficiently run their trafficking businesses, they have networks already within the US, throughout the US. We can phrase this another way by saying that they already have an Army within the US.

If the US Government moves against the Mexican government, then we might see some conventional warfare clashes but the real war that will bleed America will take place on US soil. Parts of the US capitulated and gave autonomy to gangs that caused chaos under the Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA banners. How would such cities deal with the issues of well armed, organized and trained Sicarios and their gangbanger foot soldiers claiming territory?

Are the Police Departments prepared for such threats, for an insurgency? Definitely not, they will say they are and might believe they are but, they a far from anywhere ready for a low intensity war on their doorsteps. Just analyze their responses to active shooter situations, which are generally questionable at best. If they get so flustered by over medicated whackos with guns then a couple of truckloads of Sicarios with have blood pressure going off the charts and fecal matter flying in all directions.

The US has let the issues of the Mexican Cartels get to a point where they are a powerful grouping that can cause serious harm to the US on its own soil. And this has not gone unnoticed by those that are not to afraid to open their eyes. I think the film makers in Hollywood have a more realistic view of the capabilities of the Cartels that those in the US Government do. Maybe even the Chinese have also identified the potential the Cartel hold, and the Feytenol that is pouring into the US is just the tester… The well lubed tester, before the US gets fucked raw…

All problems are solvable if you are willing to sweat, bleed, and get your hands dirty… Trouble is too many people are afraid of work…

Orlando W.

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