Risks Inc. & Torture Training in Mexico

Risks Inc. & Torture Training in Mexico

So… I am told that 10 years ago today that Risks Inc. was accused of torture training in Mexico… 10 years ago today the media started to accuse us of teaching the Mexican Police torture techniques…

I think we made every media outlet in US and many Internationally… Also, the UN and Amnesty International had their say, the movie “Heli” copied us and the leaked videos have been used many others, without our permission…

I think until today I am the only “tourist” that has ever been accused of torturing Mexican Police BTW… All I can say is “Fake News” and extremely bad sensationalist journalism that put peoples lives at risk.. But, we are still grinning, so Fuck You…

Coming Soon The Book “Reglas Mexicanas”

Reglas Mexicanas - Orlando Andy Wilson

The Mexican police and security forces have an extremely difficult job, they are criticized by the public, demonized by the media, murdered by the criminals and often directed by corrupt officials at the bequest of the drug cartels. Those that join the security forces in Mexico do so for the same reason as those in other countries, for a career, for job security and to make a difference. But the reality in many places is that they end up getting caught up in the middle of turf disputes between rival cartels that are far better armed and equipped than they are, to start with.

Risks Inc. works to the highest standards, we don’t run instructor courses or certifications because to work with us, firstly we have to like you… Secondly, like all of our instructors and people, you must be sweet, innocent and never kissed… These qualities are very, very hard to find… 😉

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Orlando Wilson – Risks Inc. 

Note to the Media: We are not Fucking America!!!

The below video is where the team members who when through our programs came out and spoke the truth…

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