The British – Slaves With Stockholm Syndrome

I am British, a Celt, my ancestry goes back to when human beings first inhabited the Island which is Britain. That is my qualification for writing this article. I left the UK over 20 years ago and have no intention of returning, why would I want to return and live in a caste society, a slave culture?

Why am I writing this article that I am sure will offend many? I am writing it because many people, the modern British people, are in a state of denial reference their history and the abuse they have suffered for centuries at the hands of their ruling class. The British people in general are suffering from what can only be described as a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome. They need to understand this, they need to understand times have changed, and realize that they are now, for the most part, slaves by choice.

It’s funny now that, that recent years, much of Britain’s colonial history is not being taught in schools anymore, or looked upon favorably, because it’s all about the exploitation and repression of people from countries which were occupied and looted for the benefit of the English Royals and their establishment.

It took the influence of foreigners for English establishment to start to admit to these wrong doings of the British Empire. And at this point the minuscule admissions of guilt are just the tip of the iceberg. Take note I said, “the influence of foreigners”, the influence of immigrants, why? Because for the most part the British people are in a state of denial, and still scared of the repercussions they could face if they criticized the establishment.

What amuses me the most is when I hear those that bash the British Empire talking is that from their perspective everyone in Britain benefited from the looting of the occupied countries. Well, the fact is, the British working class never saw a penny of this loot. They themselves were kept uneducated and in poverty by the landowners and magistrates appointed by the English Royals and their lackeys.

If you think what I am saying is false, then where did all the wealth from the British Empire go? At the height of the Empire illiteracy and poverty were rampant in Britain. Compulsory education started to be implemented in 1880, and it took until 1948 for the National Health Service to be formed. Great achievements? Not really when we are talking about what was one of, if not the richest and most influential country in the world.

I am from Cornwall and heard plenty of stories from my parents and their friends about growing up in the 1930’s. I heard plenty of stories about poverty and people struggling for work but none about riches from the colonies. I remember one story from a family friend who as a child was taken to the local “Workhouse” by their parents as they needed new clothes, and the family could not afford them. This gentleman, who was a coastal merchant seaman during World War Two and torpedoed 3 times, said he cried all the way because there because he thought his parents were going to abandon him. Workhouses and poorhouses we a mainstream part of British society until the 1930’s…

While researching a few points for this article I came across a quote from a wealthy Scott called “Patrick Colquhoun that in 1806 said “Poverty … is a most necessary and indispensable ingredient in society, without which nations and communities could not exist in a state of civilization. It is the lot of man – it is the source of wealth, since without poverty there would be no labour, and without labour there could be no riches, no refinement, no comfort, and no benefit to those who may be possessed of wealth.”. This was the attitude of Britain’s ruling class up until quite recent times, and I sure still of many today.

One of my Grandfathers was a Welsh miner from the Rhondda who lost a kneecap as a child while stealing coal during the miners strikes that are referred to as the “Tonypandy Riots”. I also heard stories of my Great Grandfather fighting the police and army while the striking mines looted food stores. Why were they stealing coal, looting stores, and fighting with the army and police? Well, because they were starving…  Because they had enough of being exploited and kept in poverty by the mine owners…

Again, where did all the wealth from the British Empire go to? Where all the profits from Rhondda mines and the other British industries go? Well, not to the workers and their families, who for the most part were treated little better than Slaves. Again, if you think what I am saying here is false then the “Peterloo Massacre” is one of the better-known incidents that you might be interested in reading up on.

What has always been conveniently forgotten about British History, long before the woke movement started to condemn the colonial era, is the exploitation and repression of the British people by the English Royals and their flunkies. As a British Celt, the English Royals to me are the worst and most criminal of all the illegal immigrant gangs that have ever set foot on my family’s island.

I am sure many of you reading this now, if you have ever heard of Cornwall and can find it on a map would be amused to know that the Cornish People are a recognized ethnic minority… I think if I ever applied for a job in the UK and said I was an ethical minority when people stopped laughing, they call the police and complain I was insulting true ethnic minorities etc. I would not be surprised if I was investigated for a hate crime…

Cornwall has its own language, but due to mass migration in the 18th and 19th centuries, because of poverty, the language died out. Apparently, it’s has been revived by some academics. Another thing I find amusing and also very, very annoying are English that think they are Cornish because they live there, or their brats were born there. All I can say about this to put it into context is that if a pig happens to sleep in or be born in a stable it doesn’t make them a horse.

I would say my generation was last, that if they were lucky enough, that got to see the remnants of Cornish culture and hear the stories before influx of foreigners completely diluted what was left of the real culture. I would say the English have finally achieved their goal, the Cornish and their rebellious nature have been completely cleansed. As for those the revivalists that like to dress up as Druids and play Celt, like some characters from a Harry Potter movie, from my perspective they have more in common with Harry Potter than with any Cornishman or Celt I have ever known…

So, what happened to the lands of the original British people, well in simple terms they were taken by the English Royals and given to their appointed landowners to manage. Of course, the inhabitants were part of the deal and became the economic property of the landowners. Work, pay taxes or starve.

I hear now many foreign ethnic groups asking for and gaining support for financial repatriations for loss and suffering caused by slavery or the looting of colonies in the British Empire. Well, if these people deserve to be paid back for their losses and suffering then shouldn’t the British working class deserve to be compensated for a 1000 years or repression? Compensated for having their lands stolen, being starved, and forced to fight in hundreds of wars for the English Royals? Again, where did all the wealth from Britain’s industrial revolution and Empire go?

The one topic I forgot to mention was the “Parthenon Marbles” that are in the British Museum… And if you think there is no comparison between the British Royals and Pablo Escobar then research the British and the Opium trade in the 19th century…

If people are considering that the British tax payer should pay financial repatriations to those that suffered due to the British Royals Empire then isn’t right the British the tax payers whose ancestors were forced to fight, bleed, die or were just deported to build the Royals Empire get their piece of the pie? The Royal Navy ruled the waves, right? Well, for many years it relied on “Press Gangs” as a source of recruitment. If the records still exist, shouldn’t the survivors of those pressed into service for the Royal Navy, at the point of a bayonet or blow from a cudgel be compensated?

Hopefully you are beginning to understand that the Royals and the ruling class have always despise the British working class and still do. There is one interview where the now British Prime Minister “Rishi Sunak” stated he had no working class friends, from his tone and body language its clear that he views such disgusting people as being way below his social standards.

Someone recently asked me if I thought it would be possible for a boy or girl from a village, from a working class family to become the leader of the UK… And my answer was no. However brilliant the child was, and however they progressed, the social class system which is in place in the UK would never allow it.

After the end of the former USSR I remember talking with people from the former communist countries and they complained about how in the day, when they were children, if it was identified that they had a talent then their teachers would push them hard to study or train to the best of their abilities. It apparently mattered some if their parents were good communists or not, but in general talent was talent and was exploited for the best interests of child and country.

I have met plenty of highly intelligent British people, who I am sure if guided and motivated at an early age would have made great leaders, army officers and politicians, but they were from the working class. Such people, however talented, would never make appropriate leaders, army officers and politicians for the British establishment. Social class essential, intelligence and talent isn’t!

Are there countries where a boy or girl from a village, from a working-class family can go on to become the leader of the country? Yes… But the UK is not one of them. Maybe the British establishments hatred for Russia and the former communist countries etc. is because anyone with the talent and drive can become their head of state. Or maybe it’s because the Russians got rid of their Royals, as did the French and British Royals and establishment are terrified as to what would happen if common people were allowed gain too much power.

One thing that seems to puzzle people outside of the UK is why do the British people worship the Royals, especially when anyone who knows anything about British history knows how the British people have been repressed for centuries. My only answer is, as I have said before, the British have a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome. Someone asked me recently why is it that the British want to be ruled over, why do they celebrate being servants, what honor is there in being a slave? Again, Stockholm Syndrome… It’s the only logical answer.

Once upon a time kings were required to lead and protect their tribes and countries, but these days what is the point in Royals? In ancient times kings ensured the well being of their people and helped them to prosper. Well, just from the points I have raised in this article you can see the English Royals have never really done anything but tax and exploit the British people for their own personal gain. Did they share the wealth from the numerous military campaigns and the colonies? Did they ever care that for centuries the vast majority of their people were living in poverty? Of course not, the British people we just slaves, which the Royals never had to pay for!

The other questions that is asked regularly when I talk politics with my international friends is why no ordinary British people ever become Prime Minister? Also, why those from the school of Eaton, and universities of Oxford and Cambridge still have so much influence over Britain’s politics and policy?

To answer the first question, I would say most ordinary British people would never think it would be possible for them to get into politics, let alone become Prime Minister. The British people have been repressed for a thousand years, the caste system or let’s call it the class system is that embedded in the mindset of the people. Most would consider it far above their social class to run for a political office. In the 1980’s the trade unions gained some power but were soon dismantled by the Thatcher Government.

Many of the immigrants to the UK in recent years have quickly established themselves in business and politics. The reason for this is that they take total advantage of the opportunities that are now on offer, and their communities support them, whereas the British still only have the servant mentally. The regular British person does not have the confidence to go above their social class, and the chances are if they did, the establishment would soon push them back, one way or the other, to where they believed these common people belonged.

Times are changing very quickly and unless Britain changes with them it will quickly become a washed up, and has been dump of a country. It made its reputation by enslaving and exploiting its own people and then going on to enslave and exploit other countries. The source of its wealth was from theft, extortion and corruption.

So, now that times have changed what does the UK have to offer? It no longer has the power to enslave, exploit and loot, so how will it survive? How much longer will it take for the people of this island to wake up and realize they are no longer slaves? And that the Royals that they worship, and the establishment that has enslaved them for centuries needs to be replaced and held accountable for their crimes? Well, hopefully when the Stockholm Syndrome wears off, the British people will for the first time, in a very long time, take control of their country.

But as a Cornishman, all I can say is that my country no longer exists… And, I look forward to watching, from a distance, the remnants of the British Empire crumpling…

Orlando W.


  1. Absolutely brilliant and overdue commentary on many topics that are serious in modern UK, yet ignored. The new King (what a laugh in the 21st century 🤣🤣) is woke, trying to protect his enormous wealth and avoid being put in a basement somewhere with other useless antiques. However, he found it appropriate to acknowledge his German ancestry in the recent trip to Germany. Really!?! And the Brits don’t even care they are being exploited by foreigners??? I completely agree with Mr. Wilson on all his points of view including reparations being paid to the working class. Take the vast real estate holdings of The King *🤣🤣🤣* and start paying the dividends to those who truly deserve. The absolutely obsolete Royals, who are nothing but blood sucking parasites, can easily be replaced with actors…at a minuscule cost….to keep the spectacle and pageantry going for the tourism industry….if that is indeed true that people travel to England for that particular reason. Pack up the Germans and send them back to Bavaria and let them be parasites in their homeland..let’s see how that goes over!!!

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  2. … how so truly Andy-style well told again.

    “In the Ottoman times, there were itinerant storytellers called “meddah. ” They would go to coffee houses, where they would tell a story in front of an audience, often improvising. With each new person in the story, the meddah would change his voice, impersonating that character. Everybody could go and listen, you know ordinary people, even the sultan, Muslims and non-Muslims. Stories cut across all boundaries. Like “The Tales of Nasreddin Hodja,” which were very popular throughout the Middle East, North Africa, the Balkans and Asia. Today, stories continue to transcend borders”

    “Things that can seem malicious or unfortunate are often a blessing in disguise, whereas things that might seem unpleasant can be harmful in the long run.”

    “Ironically, [living in] communities of the like – minded is one of the greatest dangers of today ́s globalized world. And it ́s happening everywhere, among liberals and conservatives, agnostics and believers, the rich and the poor, East and West alike. We tend to form clusters based on similarity, and then we produce stereotypes about other clusters of people. In my opinion, one way of transcending these cultural ghettos is through the art of storytelling”

    ― Elif Shafak

    Borderless regards from the Buttery Belgian Brussels’ Belt, dear Andy.

    … you’ve got also Global Citizen greetings from Lutgart, Sir.

    May God keep blessing you.

    Image attached: “Eastertime Morning Glory Work in progress…”


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