Greece: Where democracy once was born, today we are digging its grave.

Welcome to modern day Greece, an EU state with second class citizens, where the government can mandate which groups of people, either surrender their free will and accept to be vaccinated against Covid-19 or lose their jobs and practically are sentenced to extinction via poverty. 

Already at the time of this writing, health care providers of the civil sector that did not accept the vaccination are suspended without pay for an indefinite time period or until they succumb and get the jab. The next groups of civil workers that await in the line for the same treatment are teachers and police personnel. In the private sector nothing similar has been legislated yet but it is common knowledge that many employees have received an ultimatum by their employers to present a vaccination certificate or they should look for a job elsewhere.

Now if any one cared to think about it, the reasoning of the government is that those decisions are made for the “greater good” so life-loss can be prevented and “public health” can be supported. Last time I checked, the number one cause for people meeting an untimely death is nothing else than poverty. It is poverty that leads to bad choices, malnutrition, limited access to education, crime etc.  So, it is rather absurd to insist that by putting groups of the population out of work (-and thus convicting them to poverty and utterly in complete inability to support themselves and their families-) “greater good” or “public health” will somehow be served.

Since 2010 and the memorandums that the Greek State has agreed with the IMF and the other parties involved, the situation has only worsened for the common working man. Contrary to common belief, EU money loaned out to Greece, was never about pensions and salaries of Greek people. It was never about helping Greece and If you won’t take my word on the issue, do your own research. I suggest you can start with the following from German DW

Most of Greek bailout money went to banks: Only 5 percent of international bailout money for Greece was used to kickstart the country’s languid economy, a new study has found. The rest was used to pay back private creditors, many of which were banks.”

or this from Al-Jazeera, if you don’t trust the Germans, (I wouldn’t blame you to be honest!!)

Who is really being bailed out in Greece? Analysis: An estimated 90 percent of bailout funds have gone to financial institutions – not to help Greek residents”

And if you still think about all that portraying we Greeks have received as “ouzo” drinkers that lay all day at the beach, and laugh at your expense and siphoning EU money to our pockets, then the only thing I will say in our defense is “check the available data” on working hours, salaries etc. Below you can follow the accompanying link from the OECD very own website and see for yourselves how many hours per year a Greek working man has to work to make a leaving, compared to the working class of many other countries in the EU.

If I am not mistaken (and I am not, this is just a matter of speech) one of the supposed goals of the European Unification experiment, was that eventually all European citizens would enjoy, besides open borders, the same quality of life. What has actually happened for us Greeks, is that we eventually lost more than we have gained from the participation on that experiment.

Now you might think “wait a minute, what does this memorandum – bail out ancient history has to do with Covid and your government’s measures??” Bear with me, history is a process.

So, when the memorandums came to be legislated, we Greeks fought against that, and we lost. More than that, we were betrayed. The very same people that were part of the political struggle against austerity measures, as soon as they came to power, they sold out. They have even called for a referendum on 2015. Now back in the day, the whole world was trying to “counsel” us to vote in favor of the EU and new austerity measures. From the CNN that was warning us, that a vote for “NO” would mean that we turn our back to the EU, to Germany’s Chancellor Merkel who was predicting a new Bosnia for Greece, if we have voted “NO”. Guess what we Greeks voted for…

Eventually the very same politicians that called for the referendum and supposedly was on the people’s side against the austerity measures, choose to implement “YES” contradicting the people’s vote.

The consequence to the mentality of the mainstream was monumental. People had either to accept that they have been manipulated and deceived or that there has never been an alternative to begin with and that resistance was futile. You know the saying attributed to Mark Twain “It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled”?? That is what happened to us. By refusing to accept the reality, that it has never been [the people + a portion of the political spectrum] vs [the bankers + another portion of the political spectrum] but it was [us little guys vs ruling elites] all along, we as a society have come to a state of “learned helplessness”.

Don’t get me wrong, we are not innocent. As a society we should look into the mirror and start asking all the awkward questions and since “Truth only has a few friends” it is easier, as individuals, to push our part of the disaster, on someone else (At least the Germans are always useful for that !!). Usually the receiving end of any criminal activity, could have done something to not be put in the receiving end to begin with. Still the perpetrator who makes profit out of the bloody act is the perpetrator and the “involuntary sperm recipient” is a rape victim no matter how you spin it.

Eventually, salaries kept decreasing, taxes kept going up, national property and infrastructure given away for pennies. Working conditions and constituted rights that have been achieved by working class people after decades of bloody classes, were swept away within a few years, practically without a fire being shot.

What happens in situations like that? People hung on to whatever they have, they look out for their personal survival and narrow interest and avoid confrontation at any cost. When you are not self sufficient and have to depend on a monthly check for your survival or that of your loved ones, it is all that difficult to stand up against a government that is taking away your civil rights or to willingly join the unemployment line.

Then the “pandemic” has arrived and since then we have been constantly bombarded by Greek establishment Media about the severity of this new disease and how the best way to not die, was to stop having a life. The Greek establishment media were handsomely paid to support this narrative.

”Greek Government makes public list of media firms paid to promote Covid-19 health measures: The government on Monday made good on its pledge to publish a detailed account on the expenditures of its “We Stay Home” coronavirus lockdown campaign with a list of all the media involved.”

That is the same establishment media that during the memorandum agreements period, were always pro – Eu and pro – austerity, I would be shocked if I didn’t know better… By the way, the funding to the establishment media has kept going on, nobody will be held accountable after all…

So, the Greek Government’s main way of fighting the pandemic was to give money to the Media to inform people to “stay at home”. And then, “for our own good” curfews have been imposed and monetary fines for people not abiding by the regulations and “health policies”. In a country where many people are expected to cover their needs with salaries approximately around 500 euros per month, the fine for being outside your home on a Saturday evening after 18:00 was 300 euros. Good luck with your electricity bill!! After all you, your health will be greatly enhanced against Covid if you cannot pay your bills or rent. I love the science behind this line of thought!!

And to be fair, some people will be challenged and endangered by Covid but instead of having these groups of people in the center of a broader “health battle plan” we have just had a target on the back of every citizen. Walking unmasked, even alone in a park, has become the new “sin”. Questioning the narrative and its details is the new “anathema”. A man I like to call my friend, has once told me “look who or what you can’t criticize” and the Covid narrative has become like a mantra. Just repeat the words and never criticize, otherwise you become the dangerous outcast that should be avoided, to say the least.

Initially the government proclaimed that human life was above the country’s economic life so the first lockdown was declared with an approximate of 50 reported Corona cases per day. When that lockdown ended, it was announced, that there would never again be a lockdown because our country’s economic life could not take the toll. Then there was another lockdown with roughly 800 reported Corona cases per day. That lockdown ended with approximately 3000 Corona cases per day. Try to run a business and navigate through this madness…

Time passed, we came accustomed to more and more illogical measures that invade the core of our societal life, like how we attend Church or the cancelling military parades to avoid crowding. Meanwhile the most common way of experiencing crowding, was to simply use means of public transportation with buses becoming scarcer instead of more frequent. People, even had to break the law, to go and watch some football with friends. Believe me, I do not exaggerate….

If any of this sounds familiar, then your society is already on a slippery slope. And it gets better, you see during this “joyous ride” eventually the vaccine that supposedly was going to give us back our “freedom” has arrived!! (-but our old normalcy would still remain a memory, according to Klaus Schwab – author of the book “Covid19: The Great Reset”-)

Once again, our government that cares deeply for us, rushed to the rescue. They even offered 150 euros in credits to young people, as an incentive for them to go and get vaccinated during the last summer. The irony is that during any given summer, due to tourism and plenty of people having a vacation, my country often is in dire need of blood donors. Sadly, never anyone had the brilliant idea to offer such an incentive that would 100% have saved somebody’s life. I guess covid19 is a more probable cause of death than a car accident. What I know, I don’t even have a car… can’t afford it.

Again a few facts and numbers to point out the obvious. Since 1986 abortions have been legalized by the Greek State under the “my body my choice” ideology. The most lenient calculations for lack of proper records, make claim for an annual of 17000 abortions per year. You don’t want to know what non-lenient calculations’ numbers are. Even that number though, is already higher than the approximately 14000 dead Greeks attributed to Covid 19 during the “pandemic”, with no autopsies being allowed when it comes to a Covid 19 patients. Suddenly “my body my choice” goes out of the window, because supposedly if I take the vaccine, I might protect somebody else’s life that possibly could have been in danger. The 17000 infants whose life has been prematurely ended, would have been lives saved and protected if they were allowed to be born in the first place. Does anyone see the “double standard” of a sick society?? Perhaps we should formulate a vaccine for suicidal hypocrisy.

Eventually vaccination progress has come to a halt. Personally, I know more people whose life has been seriously impaired within a month of getting the jab than people whose life has been impacted by the virus itself. So, in my eyes and to the eyes of many around me, more and more by the day, the “cure” seems to be more problematic than the virus itself. And ineffective. Let alone, that if you try to go to a Greek hospital and ask to report a vaccination side effect, you are dismissed as hallucinating or as the symptoms having nothing to do with you taking the vaccine. Even people that have taken the “cure” are having second thoughts when they hear the officials talking about a third or a fourth shot. If it only was tequila shots we are talking about…!!

The government though is adamant on its decision to have us vaccinated one way or another. The same people, the same political elites (-regardless of party-), that are taking turns to run the country and whose leaders are the sons and daughters of the people who have governed the country for decades past, the same people who have shattered the national health system to fulfill memorandum obligations, now will save us from ourselves, because they love us and they know better.

That is how we arrive to today. The government that is acquiring new police vehicles and equipment, possibly fearing backlash if the populace ever realizes that enough is enough…

Greek Police to procure specialized vehicles against pandemic, external threats: Greek Police to procure specialized vehicles against pandemic, external threats Several police equipment upgrades are coming in 2021, in response to both the coronavirus pandemic and external security threats, General Secretary for Public Order Konstantinos Tsouvalas said on Thursday. A budget of 23 million euros is to be spent.”

While in the meantime firefighters and firefighting equipment was never a priority as we have seen during the flashfires of July and August

Angry Greeks criticise government response after wildfire devastation: ATHENS (Reuters) – As flames threatened to engulf the home of Stelios Kokkinelis in a suburb north of Athens at the weekend and the emergency services failed to respond to his calls for help, he decided to ignore an evacuation order and take matters into his own hands.”

The same government, that now is legislating fast track procedures to replace civil servants that will not be submissive enough to accept everything, with others, surely more inexperienced that will surely accept lesser pay and with vaccination against Covid19 being a prerequisite. Once again, no one ever had this brilliant idea of fast tracking the hiring of personnel for civil services that have been operating understaffed for years.

One of the latest updates to the “Covid19 saga” is that just a few days ago, the government uncovered gangs that collaborate with doctors, in order to produce fake vaccination certificates, possibly to the thousands. As it is a surprise that anyone who is terrorized by the prospect of famine wouldn’t try to work his way around the system in any given way. I am sure the government will find some sophisticated high-tech remedy to the problem!!

Just wait for it….

SCIENTISTS PROPOSE ‘TATTOOS’ TO SOLVE VACCINATION ISSUES: In a paper recently published in the journal Science Translational Medicine (via Futurism), the group of researchers, led by Kevin J. McHugh et al., says that it is exploring a novel approach for maintaining accurate vaccination records by testing the implantation of “near-infrared quantum dots,” or NIR QDs, into pig skin, rat skin, cadaver flesh, and synthetic human skin. NIR QDs are water-soluable, biocompatible fluorescent nanocrystals—with diameters ranging from 2 to 10 nanometers—that emit near-infrared light and are safe for deep tissue insertion. As of right now, researchers are exploring NIR QDs for numerous medical uses, including, most notably, in vivo tumor imagining.”

After all we are talking about rulers that probably have never heard of the Nuremburg Trials so who can rule anything out….

Sum the parts and you have a people that has been taught that resistance is futile, survival is a personal and not communal matter and a new virus has arrived that will kill us all, unless we are obedient and stay at home and inject our bodies with whatever “or else”.

As it has been said before me in various instances and in many possible ways, totalitarianism wasn’t built overnight but came gradually “for our own good”.

Dionysios Bastas

Master Sergeant of the Hellenic Air Force (not for long i guess!!)

Has been proudly serving his country for the last 15 years, holds two (2) Bachelor Degrees and can be reached on various social media platforms included but not limited to the following… If you want to connect, reach out for clarifications or whatever…. Don’t be shy….

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