Afghanistan: Hostage Negotiation for Dummies

Afghanistan: Hostage Negotiation for Dummies

So, the predicted fiasco in Afghanistan continues, well predicted and expected by those with any understanding of the Taliban and such groups and those with even the slightest common sense.

The U.S. and its allies have had to admit they left citizens of their countries behind, as they scrambled to escape from Kabul and have no plan on how to get them out. To start with, I have been asked by numerous people if I thought the U.S. had done a deal with the Taliban so they could evacuate Kabul after the Taliban had seized it on August 15th, 2021. Well, my response is it’s obvious the U.S. did pay off the Taliban… Clearly obvious…

On or around August 24th the CIA Director William Burns had a meeting with top Taliban officials in Kabul. So, why was he there? Was he there to congratulate them on their amazing military campaign? Or was he there to pay them off and buy some time for the U.S. and its minions to try to save some credibility and spin a complete disaster into a humanitarian rescue mission? I think the later…

So, how could the CIA Director safely fly into Kabul and deal with the America’s arch enemy, the Taliban safely? From a terrorist perspective would he not be a prime hostage? Would taking the CIA Director hostage been a major publicity stunt for the Taliban? Of course, but why did it not happen? You think they let him fly into Kabul and Fly out again for free? And from a risk assessment perspective does it make sense that the CIA Director actually went to Kabul for this meeting? Defiantly not…

So, who guaranteed his safety? Do you think the threat of the U.S. bombarding Afghanistan again worries the Taliban after they have just spent the last 20 years being bombarded? I don’t think so… So, to start with the CIA Director was able to go to Kabul as he went there as a bag man to pay off the Taliban, and I expect his safety was guaranteed by the Taliban’s and the West very close friend Qatar… 

Now, there have been numerous reports that the negotiations for the deal to keep Kabul airport open for the chaotic evacuation were held between the U.S. officials and the Taliban only. Officials from other NATO countries were kept out of the meetings and had no say on the timeline for the evacuations. It’s reported that the British Government and others ask the U.S. to extend the evacuation deadline but were ignored. So, why were no other countries apart from the U.S. involved in the negotiations with the Taliban? Well, I expect the others would have objected to the terms and they would have witnessed what the U.S. did not want others to see; them asking the Taliban for mercy and paying them off so they could escape without a large-scale hostage situation or slaughter.

As of yet there are still no accurate figures being released on how many citizens of the U.S., U.K. and others allied nations are still stranded in Afghanistan as a whole. The evacuation was from Kabul so people who were in other parts of Afghanistan had no chance to get to the capital to even attempt to join the evacuation. I was told there was a Greek plane waiting in Pakistan for permission to go into Kabul to collect Greek citizens and qualified others, but the plane never got permission to land in Kabul. The Greeks were abandoned.

Now, there have been news reports emerging that the Taliban have stopped privately chartered evacuation flights from leaving the airport at the northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif. Apparently, there are at least four planes at this one airport with hundreds of qualified evacuees on board. So, why are they not being allowed to fly? Well common sense says the Taliban want paying for these hostages to leave the country… Why should they be allowed to leave for free? If you had been bombed like the Taliban for the last 20 years, would you let these planes leave for free?

So, from a basic terrorist business perspective every foreigner trying to leave the country is worth money, but who will pay for them? The situation where the U.S. and its allies are being pushed around and humiliated by the Taliban was for most people beyond belief a few months ago, but the seeds for this were being spread for a long time.

Now, with all these foreigner hostages in Afghanistan how can the Taliban be persuaded to release them? The answer is simple really… How did the CIA director waltz in and out of Kabul without being kidnapped? I am sure you’re thinking he was able to do it as because he was brining cash with him, to some extent yes… But who was the liaison, the middlemen, the guarantee? Qatar!

Now, its pretty obvious that the U.S. and it’s allies negotiators are to put it very politely impotent and to the level that spoon feeding them Viagra 24/7 will do nothing to assist them in getting an erection. The basics of negotiation when the opposition holds all the cards is to find a means of leverage. But, if you have cowards running the negotiations such things as going more gangster than the gangsters will never enter their woke and bureaucratic pathetic little minds. 

A classic example of playing the terrorists at their own game took place in response to the Hezbollah kidnapping of four Russian diplomats in the Lebanon in September 1980. To cut a long story short when the person responsible for the kidnapping was sent the severed testicles of one of their relatives the Russians were quickly released. Read the Story “Kidnap for Ransom – Soviet Style”.

The leverage is simple, it’s Qatar. Tell my why such a small country as Qatar has so much influence? Why have they been allowed to host the Taliban? Why have they been allowed to facilitate the Taliban? The Taliban leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar flew into Kandahar on a Qatari military plane…

From a counter terrorist perspective isn’t Qatar providing material support for terrorism? Isn’t Qatar facilitating and assisting the Taliban who have extorted money from the U.S., are holding foreign hostages and stopping foreign planes from leaving the country? The simple answer is yes… So, why are they not being held accountable?

A simple fact is Qatar owns more land in London than the British Queen. So, shouldn’t the Qatari Ambassador to UK etc. have been summoned and told that if they don’t tell their Taliban friends to comply with the wishes of the UK government then all of their investments in UK will be sized as they are providing material support to a terrorist group. Simple right? And the same should happen in all the other countries where the Qataris have invested billions.

The U.S. and UK have seized the assets and sanctioned Russians over the last few years, so can’t the same type of actions be used against Qatar? Of course, as it’s obvious that Qatar are working with the Taliban. It’s also know that Qatar was funding ISIS and other terrorist groups. The US sanctioned 4 Qataris in 2017 at the bequest of Saudi.

So, why isn’t anyone taking action against Qatar, well maybe because they have everyone bought and paid for… $400 billion invested in more than 40 countries and they own more of London than the British Queen. In April this year is was reported that Qatar has hired several prominent US lobbying firms to “cultivate a closer relationship” with US President Joe Biden’s administration… Why would they do this and with such excellent timing?

From the questions I have asked so far I think the situation is pretty obvious for anyone that is not completely stupid. From my perspective the answer to the “hostage” situation in Afghanistan is simple. But for those government officials in U.S. and U.K. who are responsible for recovering their citizens from Afghanistan their vision seems to be extremely blurred… And why? Well lets start with the facts that they and their superiors are 1. Cowards 2. Complete liars and 3. Bought and paid for by Qatar and the like.

Even though politicians wave their countries flags and promote national values all they really care about is lining their own pockets and promoting their own interests as much as possible while they are in power.

What the situation in Afghanistan has clearly shown to those that want to see the facts is that the U.S. and U.K. governments etc. are corrupted to the point of disfunction. Too many side deals, too many pay off and none of which for the benefits of their own countries…

It’s been mentioned in my circles that it would not be surprising if the Taliban are kicking back money that they were paid to allow the U.S. to evacuate Kabul… Will be interesting to see if the Taliban starts buying Hunter Bidens artwork for a few million dollars a piece near future… As crazy as the world is at the moment nothing would be surprising!

Orlando W.

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