What Can You Do For Me?

Take a good those around you, close to you and ask yourself what can they do for you? What do they want from you? Why are they there? What are you giving them? And most importantly what are they giving you? Be it sex, money, emotional support, or business there is always a reason. For more on the friendships click here to check my article “There Are No Friends In Business”.

When people interact with others it’s part of human nature for them to be assessing what the other people, they are meeting with can do for them. Why interact with others that are no used to you? Be it business, money, social network or sex there is always a reason why people are interacting with each other.

In general humans are tribal animals, pack animals and need other people to survive and function. This can be a strength and also a great weakness. It’s a weakness because most of the people that people rely on as pillars of support are themselves weak or faking their support for reason of self-benefit.

From an investigators perspective assessing why people are interacting with those they do is essential. This will identify people’s strengths, weaknesses and maybe if you’re lucky their dirty little secrets. There is always a reason for interaction, maybe not an obvious one but there is always a reason.

By assessing regularly what others can do for you and you for them you can ensure that those in your circle are actually there for positive reasons. You won’t be wasting your time, energy and money on people who are just there to drain you and can offer nothing in return. What people offer does not have to be purely financial, I interact with quite a few people very regularly just because they amuse me, this positive outweighs their negatives.

The “What Can You Do For Me” mindset works both ways. If you are looking to interact with others for business, employment, personal or sexual reasons then what can you offer them others cannot? Why should they employ you? Why should they work with you? Why should they fuck you? What can you offer? And being cheap and easy should not be the answer to any of those questions…

I tell people that if you show me a beautiful woman, when past the visual appreciation phase, my first thoughts about her are what problems would she cause me? Would she be worth the problems? Meat is cheap and problems can be very expensive and time consuming. So, what can she do for me that others can’t with possibly far less inconvenience? As, the old saying goes, “All That Glitters Is Not Always Gold”.

I regularly get people approaching me work whom I don’t know. Most of these people are seeking well-paying jobs in the security industry or as tactical instructors with international travel included. So, what can such people actually do for me? Well, absolutely nothing! They are asking me to give them something that I can do myself or have others in place that can do the same to a far higher standard than they can provide. Why should I after almost 35 years hard work give anything to anyone who cannot offer nothing in return?

The “What Can You Do For Me” perspective is simple and clear. Use it and it will prevent you wasting valuable time, emotions, and money on irrelevant people. It should also, if applied properly stop you from being an inconvenience and drain to others…

Orlando W.

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