So, who blew up the Nord Stream pipeline? Not Joe Biden…

In years to come, the farce, which is the Biden’s Administration war in Ukraine, I am sure will go down in history as one of, if not the most, blatant money laundering scams and unnecessary ego driven wars to take place in the history of mankind.

I remember when I heard about the Nord Stream pipeline being blown up and exchanging messages with a few well informed people and the conclusion was it had to have been the US or UK who did it. Why would Russia blow up its own pipeline when all they had to do was turn off the gas taps for the time being.

The Russians are not stupid and know that when the issues in Ukraine are sorted out people will want to get back to business, and quickly, so why destroy the infrastructure. In who’s interest was it to blow up the pipeline? Well, only the US’s… And the Biden Administration had been threatening to end the Nord Stream pipeline project for a long time.

Without the Nord Stream pipeline, which was used to supply Europe with Russian gas, Western Europe needed to find a new supplier, and the only facilitator with its large fleet of gas tanker ships is the US. So, did the US, well the Biden Administration, sabotage the Nord Stream pipeline just to stop Europe buying Russian gas? Did they commit an act of international terrorism just to sell US supplied gas to Europe? Well, it looks like it…

Initially of course the West blamed Russia until they realized that even the most stupid of their minions would see through such bullshit propaganda. The Russians wisely blamed the UK. There was even reports of suspicious text messages sent by the then UK prime minister “Liz Truss” to the US foreign secretary from her Russian hacked cell phone. But up until the Sy Herst article the West had gone quiet on the issue, hoping I am sure that everyone had forgotten and lost interest in who was behind the act of terrorism and large scale environmental damage.

So, why did Russia blame UK? Well, as I said the Russians know when the issues in Ukraine are rectified and the Biden Administration is no longer in power people will want to get back to business. The US, even after the economic ravages of recent years will still be a powerful country with large economy, so a good trading partner. On the other hand, what good or use is the United Kingdom?

The Russians offered the US a stooge to take the fall for their gangster politics, which it would not surprise me if they take hook, line and sinker in the near future. It has become embarrassingly clear that the UK more than any other of the Western European countries is the Biden Administrations prime bitch.

It’s common knowledge that Joe Biden himself despises the UK and even met with and supported Northern Irish terrorists such as Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams. In general from my experience the US does not give a fuck about the UK, unless of course they being good little bitches and doing as they are told.

Looking In from the outside the UK’s enthusiasm for the war in Ukraine resembles the enthusiasm of a 90 year old man who is on his death bed and has hired a prostitute for one last fuck. But his issue is that the erectile dysfunction pills he’s is feeding himself are not really working and his limp dick is not going to perform as it once did when he was in his prime. In the mean time the hooker is bored and he is running out of pills, money and time…

The UK is desperate to try and prove its worth to the world now that it’s empire is long gone and they are scorned by most. What does UK have to offer the global community? Nothing that you can’t get else where for cheaper and to a higher standard. The Britain of today was built on the oppression and slavery of its people by the Royals and ruling classes funded by the theft of wealth and assets from other countries. Up until the end of the Thatcher years Britain was still a serious player who you wanted on your side, but these days… As I said, it’s more akin to a old man trying to get his last erection for a bored hooker that has better clients to fuck.

Funnily in the last few days various sources within the US intelligence community have leaked to the media that Pro-Ukrainian supporters sabotage the Nord Stream pipeline… Without the knowledge of the United States… A very complexed operation for a rag-tag group of freedom fighters… Or did they have help from a friendly government? Maybe the UK government?

The US’s move to blow up the Nord Stream pipeline was gangster, a fuck you to everyone… It was a powerful move from a player… We are the boss and we do what the fuck we want to do… I respect that. What I, and I am sure others find pathetic is that now the apparent wannabee gangsters have become weak and too scared to take responsibility for their actions.

The incident could have been a massive power play but people have obviously shit themselves now they realize the of the consequences of their actions. So, their gangster move has turned into a cowardly attack just so they could put a few dollars in their pockets. No different than a shop keeper getting street criminals to burn the shop down of his competitor and then pointing the blame at others.

The thing is burning a shop down is easy, and does not take much skill and resources… Blowing up an underwater pipeline in a very well monitored stretch of sea on the other hand, takes specialist personal, equipment, logistical support and local government personnel and agencies to look in the opposite direction. So, a lot of known players and potential weak links in the chain of confidentiality…

I am sure time will tell who actually blew up the Nord Stream pipeline, but will the Western media and their political bosses actually admit the facts? At this stage it seems the powers that be are in the denial and finger pointing stages before they come up with a stooge to take the blame…  Well, if they take a look at the ground work the Russians have already done, and which I am sure they will collaborate, it was beyond any reasonable doubt the UK that blew up the Nord Stream pipeline…

Orlando W.

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