Papillon, one of the first books I read that helped to lead me astray...!

Papillon, The book that lead me astray!

Papillon, The book that lead me astray!

Papillon, is one of the first books I read in my early teens and it helped lead me astray…! Excellent and supposedly true story of adventure and misfits saying “fuck you” to the system in extreme situations.  Also it stresses such values that are missing in much of today’s society such as honor, respect and keeping one’s word!  It underlines something I have seen often that the most outwardly respectable people are usually the most two faced, corrupt and cowardly! While usually the supposed outcast of society are the most genuine and kind… Life has taught me there is more honor among thieves that lawyers and the like…

The copy in this photo is close to 40 years old and have travel quite a few miles and could tell a few stores in itself!! The blade is an Italian Frank Beltrame Stiletto.

Papillon (P.S.)

Henri Charrière, nicknamed “Papillon,” for the butterfly tattoo on his chest, was convicted in Paris in 1931 of a murder he did not commit. Sentenced to life imprisonment in the penal colony of French Guiana, he became obsessed with one goal: escape. After planning and executing a series of treacherous yet failed attempts over many years, he was eventually sent to the notorious prison, Devil’s Island, a place from which no one had ever escaped . . . until Papillon. His flight to freedom remains one of the most incredible feats of human cunning, will, and endurance ever undertaken.

Charrière’s astonishing autobiography, Papillon, was first published in France to instant acclaim in 1968, more than twenty years after his final escape. Since then, it has become a treasured classic–the gripping, shocking, ultimately uplifting odyssey of an innocent man who would not be defeated.


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