Dawn & Dark Coffee…

Waking just before dawn as the suns glow pushes away the night’s darkness lets you soak up some of the most natural and pure energy that this planet we live on has to offer, but it’s something which most people fail to absorb.

Whether you are waking from a night of sexual ecstasy or from encountering your worst nightmares, getting up from sweat soaked sheets or from under warm and cozy blankets the first light of dawn always provides you with comfort, relief, and the time to reflect or if necessary, refocus your brain.

As the sun’s glow pushes it’s way over the horizon it brings with it a somewhat brief period of time that contains a unique peace that is as powerful as it is soothing.

I have been fortunate to witness many sunrises in many environments under many circumstances. From empty city streets in the cool summer mornings to peering through frozen windows in the depths of winter. Each dawn is reunion with an old and trusted friend with whom I am about to begin a new adventure with.

Such moments are best complimented with strong and bitter coffee that is just sweet enough to tame it. Gourmet, filtered, unfiltered, pressed, street brewed or a gas station’s best this is the only companion you need, but be assured that you are not alone.

There may be no one with you in your dark room or on your empty street but there are others, not many, but there are others, doing as you are and absorbing the peace and energy that eludes the masses. I am sure if you bump into one of these people you will recognize them, even if you have never seen them before.

Orlando “Andy” Wilson

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