Living too much…

I am from a small town in a rural part of Britain, a shit hole called Falmouth in Cornwall, and the best thing I ever did was to leave there as soon as I could at the age of 16. I cannot imagine how anyone could live their whole lives in such a place or other sleepy little town without at least attempting to travel and experience what the rest of the world has to offer.

I am sure some people are content in their small worlds with its familiarity and safety but how is this living? From my perspective to live such away if no different than living like a domestic animal, let’s say a cow, confined to a field by a farmer, to be milked or breed for the next generation of domestic livestock. But for most people this is what life has become, it’s all they know, so they have to be happy with it…

When I was a child, I wanted adventure which usually led to trouble. The school system wasted my childhood, it was not for me, and there was no alternative but to comply. I suppose the dreary schools with the dreary teachers help motivate me to get the fuck out of Falmouth. I knew if I didn’t leave I could expect the same fate of ending up as sad and miserable as those teachers and the towns other inhabitants.

Looking back now after 37 years, I seriously pity those whose life has been only about that town, I also pity the miserable educators who not only wasted their lives, but also the youths of those they were meant to educate. For most of these small townsfolk they would not understand why I pity them, because from their view point, they are as happy as pigs in shit… I understand their view point very well, and I agree with it totally, that’s why I pity them.

I have been very lucky in life to have experienced what I have, both positive and negative. I am a firm believer in the best lessons life will give you is when it kicks you hard in the balls. You have to get knocked down and get back up multiple times before you begin to develop what can be classed as real character. Life experience hurts and for those gaining this experience all I can say is enjoy the hurt, learn as much from it as possible and don’t make the same mistake again.

Over the years I have dealt with people from many cultures and of all social and economic backgrounds, and to be honest those that society classes as the respectable ones are usually the most boring to deal with and also the most deceiving and dishonest.

I tend to find such people boring as they have never really lived. I don’t class going on a package holiday once or twice a year as being adventurous, even if you did do a bungee jump or the like. The only funny stories such people have are the incidents they are embarrassed to talk about… When they got too drunk, caught they partner fucking someone else or were caught fucking someone or something they shouldn’t have been themselves… But still, pretty boring.

Many times I have listened to stories that were the highlights of people lives and been thinking that I must have forgotten much better stories on many occasions. For many their life seems to have stopped when they left school or college until they divorce in their 40’s and tried to make up for their wasted years, which rarely ever works out well…

Their crookedness I would say stems from the fact they live their lives in a safe and controlled world where there are limited, if any consequences, for their crookedness. I find that in cultures where people will be beaten or killed if they fuck someone over that everyone tends to be a lot more respectful, polite and far less likely to screw you over for some petty shit. Well, that is as long as they see you’re not a little bitch.

I have spoken with numerous people who I deal with about the issues of relating to and dealing with those who live in the sheltered mainstream world, and for those people that have actually lived their lives in the real world there can be serious issues.

I was speaking with someone recently who had some crazy stories, which even if slightly exaggerated with time I would say we’re totally true. I found them believable because I know such things happen and have a few stories myself. I am sure many people would dismiss such stories as being some movie bullshit we must have seen and regurgitated. Why? Because they live in a small world where the movies and TV is the only place where this supposed cool and crazy shit ever happens. Such people can’t relate to a reality they have ever seen or understand, for them is just make believe.

When living in the US it never ceased to amaze me how many peoples only comprehension of the world outside the US came from the movies and TV shows which they believed to be in someway based on reality. For most people in their humdrum lives nothing interesting ever really happens, at best sleazy or shady shit happens but nothing more and most people seem to like it that way. So, for these people the world outside their little world is as alien as fucking life on Mars.

I wrote a few years ago that “Living too much makes you wise but also very jaded in a comforting way….”. Which, I stand by. By living too much and experiencing too much it makes dealing with the everyday people of the world a little tedious and complicated. From both personal and business perspectives you must consider the narrow mindedness of these people. Understand your experience in the big bad world can be intimidating and unbelievable for many people in their small towns and even make them uncomfortable.

To put this into context, I am not writing this from the perspective of someone giving advice to those who maybe going to say Papua New Guinea to deal with tribesmen, but for those that have experienced life outside of say the US and Western Europe, and now have to deal with mainstream people in those societies. Hopefully you understand this!

Remember to be gentle with others if you are returning to the mainstream Western cultures if you have been living on the outside for a while. People will not understand your experiences or even your motivations for having left in the first place. Many will be suspicious of you and many will be jealous of you.

Some of your experiences you will never be able to share, only with those that were with you, but as the mainstream society poisons people, once close friends can distance themselves due to fear of those in their mainstream circles finding out who they one were.

Those who have lived and experienced life seem to be able to recognize similar people. Who knows if its the sense of adventure, rebelliousness, the instinct of survival, the willingness to accept risks or just the lust for living as the fuck they want, but the vibe is there.

From a worldly point of view it’s pathetic to see the mainstream media, the influencers and rotten politicians making so much noise about being inclusive while at the same time supporting and funding wars and cultural divisions. Those I know who have what I class as real life experience, global experience, generally don’t see people by their color, religion or social status, they just see people. Respect is always given and expected in return, if someone is a disrespectful asshole then they will get a good taste of their own behavior, that’s it. But, respect always comes first!

Supposedly educated mainstream people still don’t seem to understand some basic facts of life such as racism and prejudices are just ignorance, respect for all is essential, you must try to understand others views and thought processes, intimidation should never be tolerated and violence has its place because some people cannot understand reason and only cause harm others. These are basic rules for life which for some reason seem alien in today’s supposed civilized societies.

Wise and worldly people in today’s woke and conformist world are hard to find and I think they will become scarcer as modern society seeks to control people’s thoughts, finances, and futures. In the future many peoples only access to what they think of as the real world will be limited to virtual reality. This seems to be the case for many people already! So, we can predict that in time the world is going run by nerds who lost their virginity to Japanese sex dolls that they rented or borrowed for experience… This is the direction humanity is going… Fucked up right?

So, to my fellow misfits, wanderers and scoundrels be very careful and be very gentle with those you must deal with from what we can class as mainstream society, they can be very sensitive creatures with very fixed and limited thought processes. Just treat them as you would any domesticated cow…

Orlando W.

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