Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Is there a spirit world, do people leave some of their energy or soul behind when they die? I cannot say yes, and I definitely cannot say no…

Many times, in many places, even though alone, they energy in the location has told me otherwise. I think most people are able to feel that different places have different energies, some places make you feel comfortable and some places make you feel uncomfortable… Why? Nature has its own energy, and who knows if the spirits of people who lived before us or we have known part of it. This is something we as humans have yet to work out or have become detached from as we have supposedly developed.

A few months ago, I got up before dawn and went for a walk, it happened to be my dead mother’s birthday, who I lit a candle for. I also was thinking about several people I knew who had died in a complicated situation for an article I was writing. For the pre-dawn and dawn that day my mind was with dead. For some reason when I returned to the house I was staying at and turned on the electric kettle to make coffee the power quickly cut off, the power cut in the whole house. As I started to prepare to lite the wood burning stove the power came back on again. In the three months that I stayed in that old house, through winter storms, that was the only time the electricity ever went off. Why? Who knows…

I have many stories of strange things happening and one photo of myself with something unexplainable in it. Many people seem ashamed and embarrassed to talk about such things due the social restrictions of the circles that they move in. There are many things that are unexplainable in this world but many humans are that stupid and arrogant that they think they can explain everything. They think they know more than nature, when it was nature that created them.

Maybe for most urban people who live in a world of constant noise and bullshit everything has a reason and a supposed explanation. For the rest of those inhabiting this planet there can still be a lot of things that are not really explainable.

Mexico is an ancient land with a deep culture where I have spent some time. I remember one night when I was training a police unit that we had them put a road that was close to an old building, a large disused military barracks, that we were using under surveillance. It was a rural area and there were team members in the bush and in trees close to the road and close to the building. Several times during the training exercise the surveillance teams reported there was the noise of movement coming from inside the building, but for sure none of our people were in there. The area was locked down so anyone moving around would have been spotted, also there was no logical reason for anyone to be there, apart from us of course.

The exercise finished in early hours of the morning and a few hours later when the sun had come up we returned to the old building to resume the training program. What we noticed was some of the equipment we had left deep in the building had been moved. Of course, we first blamed the surveillance teams but the looks on their faces was enough to see their innocence. Flashlights would have been needed to enter to building that deep and none had been spotted by anyone. Was it a prank or… Who knows…

For these Mexican cops just to get them comfortable with such things I used a very old grave yard for a following exercise. For some reason no one wanted to enter the grave yard at night and most were not too happy to be close to the place but, hopefully they learn those nights that the dead won’t hurt you, they are just curious. Mexico is a land of myths and stories and defiantly has a special energy all of its very own.

From my sins I owned a security company while living in Miami and one contact I had was for an upscale fashion boutique on South Beach that was housed in one of the old art deco buildings there. Before the boutique was operational, we were securing the build and one morning when I went to check on my guard I found him stood outside. I knew the guy well, a Haitian friend of mine. When I asked why he was stood outside he told because there was someone inside. Understanding Haitians just a little bit, I understood there was something a lot deeper at play than just site security issues.

My guy was adamant that there was a spirit of someone in the building and would not stay in the place. A few points were highlighted to me that pointed to the fact that the place had a resident spirit. What could I say, Haitians tend to be very in tune with such things. Spirits are part of their culture, like the majority of the Caribbean and Latin American cultures. Are they wrong or just still connected to things that for the mainstream have no public place for discussion or understanding in the modern world.

A few years after this the boutique ran an event and the next morning I received a complaint from one of the managers that at one point my guards were absent from the front door and main areas where they were supposed to be. This manager was a little bitch and made a big issue out this. When I spoke with my guards, they told me they were searching one of the floors of the building because one them while on a patrol had spotted someone in a locked off area. The CCTV confirmed my guards stories, but no intruder was seen on the footage. The body language of the guard who spotted a supposed intruder said he had defiantly seen something, before he rushed off to alert the others working with him, but there was no pictures of the person he was adamant that he saw. Apparently, other staff members had other experiences that came to light and the matter was closed.

I spent quite a bit of time dealing with Haitians and even though most will deny that they believe in it, Vodou is in their blood. I remember one investigation case where I was approached by an American who was under indictment and asked about the possibility of us getting a deposition, that could save his ass, from a fairly high-profile and more shady than most Haitian reference a US federal corruption case that was going to court in Miami.

When I discussed the case with my Haitian associates who were well connected at the time, the best solution they could give me was to use Vodou… Don’t giggle, I am very fucking serious and so were they. Several ceremonies could be done to bring this man forward and get him to sit for the deposition that would help to clear the gentleman that was under indictment.

For me the main issue for me was how was I going sit in a swanky Miami lawyers office and to tell this potential client that part of our method of investigation was going to be using Vodou. Did we have positive results from such methods in the past, well who would believe me if I said yes? Haiti is Haiti, it’s as unique as it is troubled.

We passed on this case as it was a long shot for the gentleman who was under indictment, and I don’t think he would have gone with the Vodou option. His hopes of getting an excuse for his shady dealings was dashed a few weeks after I met with him when the Haitian businessman who could have pardoned him was gunned down in a Port-au-Prince street.

Haiti – Orlando Andy Wilson – Investigator – Writer

Exorcisms still go on and are recognized in many religions, this is a fact. One location in the Caribbean where I ran a close protection course was a site that was used by the Catholics for Exorcisms. This we found out after a lot of weird shit happened.

What was strange from the start was for a building that was pretty unsecured and there were a lot of valuables in it. It was an old seminary but there were still elaborate Priest’s robes and chalices in the main hall. Obviously, the church that owned the property had no fear of the items being stolen, even though crime could be considered high on the island.

The guys on the course and myself were staying in the building as well as working from there. As with any building there was always noises. But, there were several sightings that could not be explained, and again the looks on the guys faces were enough to prove their innocence when stories were questioned and facts checked. I myself had something happen that I cannot explain, and have a photo that caused some concerns when those with me saw it. Even today it causes concerns for some that see it.

The end result was we moved to another building in the complex and a number of the guys then refused to even go back into the building during the remained of the course. But even in the new accommodation there was issues, I will say it had a weird energy… One result there was one guy refusing to sleep in his room after he felt someone lie in bed next to him, but was no one physically there…

A while after the course had finished an I had left the Island I received a video from one of the guys on the course who worked at a luxury villa complex next to the Church property. The video from the property’s security cameras showed one of the high fences that divided the properties being violently shaken, but there was no one in the footage shaking the fence. The trees were also still, but there was clearly an issue with the fence. The fence also happened to be very close to an area where a couple of the guys on the course had seen some strangers who presence no one could explain.

The presence of spirits is acknowledged in many cultures, from my experience I have heard old and new stories from Europe, Caribbean, America’s, Africa and the Middle East… How could places so far apart, centuries ago, have such similar stories, and in some ways traditions acknowledging spirits that have survived until our present time if there was no substance.

Maybe as humans, during our development we have forgotten and lost more than we will ever know. Real knowledge, earthly knowledge, things our ancestors took for granted. But, who know, I just know it’s not worth trying to explain somethings, just accept their energy and remember, the dead won’t hurt you, they just curious…

Orlando W.

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