Poison At Play In The Ukraine War!

Apparently Ukrainian GUR or SBU attempted to assassinate Apti Alaudinov, commander of Akhmat special forces (Chechen) by delivering a letter with a poisonous substance on it, most likely through a courier. Alaudinov, as well as other personnel who came into contact with the envelope, received timely medical treated from toxicologists and are doing well in a specialist Moscow hospital.

Poison is a common weapon in Easter European, Middle Eastern and Asian intelligence circles. A notable assassination was that of Ibn al-Khattab, a Chechen Mujahideen, who was killed in 2002 by a poisoned letter delivered by a Dagestani messenger hired by the Russian FSB.

While Russia is classing their operations in Ukraine as a special military operation and confining their operations to what can be classed as conventional warfare within Ukraine, the question that needs to be asked is how could Ukraine’s allies deal with an unconventional war waged on their soil. Under the rules of war they are already legitimate targets. I don’t see how, for example, the UK could deal with a professional unconventional war when they can’t even stop illegal immigrates streaming into the country across the English Channel in rubber dinghies… And for example how many of these “refugees” could already be Russian FSB agents recruited from Syria etc… A very messy situation is developing… But if you play with fire…

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