ADF (Allied Democratic Forces) Upping Their Game in Uganda

ADF targeted lead cars of top UPDF generals, police chiefs to acquire more guns!

There are numerous reports that the ADF are becoming more active and are looking to take the initiative in their war against the Uganda government. This group is liked to Islamic State, so will the rise of other Islamic extremist groups in Central/Eastern Africa help their cause? Or are they trying to prove they are operationally effective to gain weapons and funding from the larger international groups… In any case this report that was out a few days (22/12/22) ago via Trumpet News shows the ADF is planning future operations

Orlando W. –

Confession: ADF targeted Lead Cars of Top UPDF generals, Police chiefs to Acquire more Guns

The ADF was planning to attack lead cars of military and Police officials to grab more weapons. Security has obtained confession from captured terrorist who joined the ADF terror outfit in 2008 as a young boy.

He completed training in the jungles of Eastern Congo and returned to Uganda in 2018 to execute the mission as directed by his superiors in Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), a rebel group linked to Islamic State.

Researchers say ADF is a classic example of a ‘nexus’ criminal outfit that is both a terrorist and a transnational organized crime group.

Two weeks ago, suspected ADF rebels attacked a Police Station in Kyabadaza, fled suspects, burnt an office, stole guns and killed two civilians.

What shocked security officials is that eyewitnesses revealed one of the attackers held a machine gun known as PK, a lethal Russian made weapon which fires 800 bullets in one minute, 13 rounds in a second and can empty 30 round magazine in record 2.25 seconds.

Through intelligence led operation, a joint security operation conducted by Crime Intelligence, Military Intelligence and Counterterrorism, one of the suspected rebels who did reconnaissance before the Kyabadaza attack using walkie talkie was netted.

This suspect who is Police custody is among 7 rebels who have been under surveillance.

TrumpetNews has learnt that he (names withheld for security reasons) has been collaborative since his arrest and has provided useful and genuine information.

“He told us about a rebel cell in Nansana and Matugga. The terrorists we found in Nansana engaged our officers in fire exchange and were put out of action. We recovered guns and bomb,” said a high ranking security officials who wished to speak off record.

He said that the bomb had been connected to battery because the terrorists wanted to blast away all security personnel in the operation, fortunately they were killed before they could detonate the explosive. The rebels in Matugga were rounded up and arrested.

In his confession, the detained ADF rebel told security officials that he was recruited in 2008, taken to DRC for sophisticated training and indoctrination and later released in 2018, sent back to execute various missions in Uganda.

Asked the motive of attacking Police stations, he revealed that because ADF has failed to sneak weapons into the country, they resorted to attacking police which seems vulnerable and also private security guards to collect more guns.

He also divulged that since they were unable to get as more guns by attacking Police stations, they were changing tactics and planned to intercept lead cars of top security chiefs. “You know some lead cars usually have 5 or more armed guards, so if they attacked 3 cars they would go away with over 10 guns in a single attack,” said an official.

The suspect remains in detention as officials continue extracting useful information which is helping them dig out more ADF cells in Uganda.

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