Ukraine – The Globalists Achilles Heel

Ukraine – The Globalists Achilles Heel

I am sure anyone who has been following international politics and events for the last yew years or just bothers to check facts will be finding the Western politicians, their intelligence agencies, and mainstream media’s response to the war in Ukraine absurd, hypocritical, and at times completely delusional. They come across as a conglomerate of desperate people who are trying to hold onto an empire that is crumbling before their eyes due to their own arrogance and antiquated perspectives.

As I read the Western-based articles, social media posts and listen to the interviews that reek of people who are in denial of the reality which is happening around them and to them. While they focus on minor military victories, they are blind to the catalyst that Russia’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine has initiated for the downfall of their own systems. They are like a bunch of drunken soccer fans in a pub watching and cheering on their team on a big screen TV as the building they are in is burning down around them.

If you think Russia’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine is only about regaining territory you need to wake up, open your eyes and turn on your fucking brain. President Putin’s Special Military Operation is resetting the global order and it involves a lot more than the battlefield objectives in Ukraine.

Combat Footage – UAF Under Fire

The New Global Order

This operation is not something that happened overnight, for example, BRICS was formed in 2006. BRICS is an acronym for a powerful grouping of the world’s leading emerging market economies, namely Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa with others applying to join. BRICS’s aim is security, development, trade cooperation, and establishing a more impartial world. This means a world not dominated by opinions, laws, and regulations that solely benefit Western Europe and North America.

For example, while criticizing and questioning the legality of Russia’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine NATO seems to have forgotten that not only are they are illegally occupying a large part of Northern Syria but also stealing 80% of the country’s oil, which is estimated to be worth over $100 billion to date. We can also mention the war in Iraq that was launched by the US and its allies based on flawed intelligence, which in retrospect was not even intelligence but completely fabricated lies.

And in recent years we can add Serbia, Afghanistan, Libya, and Yemen to NATO’s list of flawed crusades justified by their own rules and for their own benefits. Just in these campaigns, have I mentioned how many people have been killed? How many non-combatants have been killed? Who’s counting? Who cares, it was all for democracy, well globalism, right?

So, the hypocrisy of NATO’s criticism of Russia’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine is really something that would only be uttered by people who are delusional and in complete denial of their own crimes. Literally, war crimes are responsible for the deaths of many thousands of innocent people and the displacement and suffering of many, many more.

The bully-boy attitude of the US has just been highlighted in the last few days after Saudi Arabia refused to comply with US President Joe Biden’s requests not to cut oil production until after the US mid-term presidential elections. Saudi Arabia released a statement detailing that their reason for cutting oil production was purely economical and for the good of their interests. The response of Biden and his administration was to threaten Saudi Arabia because they didn’t do what the US wanted them to do. Is this the behavior of well-adjusted people or spoiled children? We could call it gangster politics, but the US is losing its muscle, gangsters in words only, but as we saw recently the Taliban slapped NATO’s gangster words right out of their mouths. It seems the warmongers within NATO have already forgotten their disastrous retreat from Afghanistan…

LNR force’s 4th brigade and chechen unit, attack Ukraine force’s trench

As for statements that the world is with NATO and against Russia all I can ask is how do you define the world? If you’re talking about the bubble of North America, Western Europe, Australia, South Korea, and Japan sure… But for those of you that are not too good at geography the world is really a little bit bigger… Are Latin America with the US and their allies against Russia or more in favor of Russia? I would say not only Latin America but also Africa, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and most of the Middle East are favoring Russia over NATO and its colonial mentality.

If you have an open mind and look past the propaganda being spewed out by the West’s mainstream media the behavior of the US’s Biden administration, the UK, and the European Union is something that is like the behavior of an old prostitute whose looks have faded. No longer can she attract and control the men she is after by showing her cleavage and promising them a fuck they will never forget… For her old clients, there are better options, fresher meat with a lot fewer chances for them to end up catching some incurable disease. So, the frustrated old hooker can no longer conceal the bitterness that she has been holding back for many, many years.

Whereas the old hooker will curse and spit at those who no longer want to fuck her the Biden administration and their minions throw sanctions and bullshit lawsuits at those that see past their thick and smeared makeup. No one is immune to the tantrums of the globalist elite and even within the US itself, federal law enforcement agencies have been waging a campaign against those that question their corruption and woke policies. Their campaign to derail President Trump and his allies started as soon as he decided to run for office and is still ongoing. While the US federal law enforcement agencies target the opponents of Biden, Clinton and Obama they ignore their puppet masters’ crimes.

They forgot about Hillary’s computer server and how many emails were knowingly destroyed before they could be investigated. And the fake intelligence dossier she paid to be made to discredit President Trump and influence US elections. Also, whatever happened to all the money the Clinton foundation received to help Haiti after the 2010 earthquake which never really got anywhere near Haiti? And will we ever know what was Bill Clinton doing on Jeffrey Epstein’s Island? It must have been interesting as Epstein had a portrait painted of Bill Clinton in a blue dress and high heels that was apparently hanging in his Manhattan home. And even though Ghislaine Maxwell was jailed for sex trafficking minors, who was she trafficking them to? Apart from the British Royal Price Andrew of course… And we cannot forget, the over-privileged junkie Hunter Biden, who somehow to date has dodged a federal firearms charge. We will discuss little Hunter quite a bit more later in this article.

Wokness & Globalism

Russia’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine is also a conflict between the woke, the globalist, and those with traditional values. And this is a battle that has been quietly ongoing now for years internationally and domestically in many countries.

At the core of Globalism is the dismantling of traditional values, religion, and cultural identities. Everyone needs to think the same way and not question authority. This is not democracy as we know it, it is an authoritarian system where the elites govern the workers. Sound crazy? Well, what just happened during the supposed Covid19 pandemic? You were told to wear masks and confined to your homes and if you did not obey in most places you were arrested. Many people were forced to be vaccinated or face losing their jobs and face financial and social repercussions. In some countries, vaccine and mask mandates are still in effect… I understand the globalist heartland of Germany is one such country.

It is now being exposed that this was all for nothing. Covid is a flu and its spread was not stopped by lockdowns, isolations, masks, or vaccines. The numbers are telling that far more people died from untested vaccines and the consequences of the lockdowns than from the actual Covid19. If nothing else Covid19 showed how little freedom most people have in most countries… You will do as you are told without question, or you will suffer the consequences. You have already done it before!

The cancel culture is a core tactic of the globalists and in the US, it seems the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was influencing social media outlets to suppress stories such as that of Hunter Biden’s laptop. The question needs to be “What else was suppressed at the bequest of the FBI, big pharma, and others” … Even President Trump was canceled from many social media platforms as were many others just for sharing their options, many of which have proved to be, as they initially stated, FACTS.

One of the most prominent causes of the woke is the promotion of gay and transgender rights. It’s so prominent that the US and UK have made it a major factor in their foreign policy without any regard for other countries’ views or opinions on the topic. Personally, I have no interest in people’s sexuality and what happens behind closed doors between consenting adults is their business. It makes no difference to me whether someone is straight or gay, as long as they are respectful. Such things as LGBT issues have no place in politics or business and definitely not being forced upon children.

Adults that want to discuss sexuality with pre-pubescent children are pedophiles, that’s it. Children are children and need to develop on their own without being influenced by perverts. It is beyond my comprehension how many normal adults would think it’s right for children to be exposed to overly sexualized situations like drag queens and pole dancing events. The simple fact is these people are perverts and not normal human beings. But, for some reason in many places, such things as taking children to drag queens’ events have become accepted behavior, these events are even being protected by local police forces.

It was interesting and positive to see that recently, in Dearborn Michigan, Christian and Muslim families united in a demonstration against a school policy of including LGBTQ characters in schoolbooks for young children. Mainstream media will paint those that object to the sexualization of children as right-wing white extremists but there are many in the Muslim World and communities of color that also strongly object to this. It’s a fact that most countries in Central & Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East object to this. Most of the fucking world objects to this!

The United Kingdom is a good example of a country that has accepted globalism, woke culture, and forfeited its own identity. For the most part, Christianity is mocked, and active Christians are classified as a fringe culture. Crimes such as theft and burglary are basically decriminalized while the police are actively targeting people who write social media posts that others find offensive. Or they are too busy dancing at “Pride” events! Classic British humor and comedy have effectively been canceled as it offends the woke. And what have British public done in response? They have complied, like good slaves. The national logo of the British Bulldog clearly must be changed, I think now they are more attuned to a transgender sheep called Ayisha that’s confused about its pronouns.

‘We don’t mind the police doing the time warp, the macarena or the floral dance just don’t do it on police time!’ 

The Special Military Operation in Ukraine

Many people have forgotten or just don’t know that the fighting started in Eastern Ukraine in 2014. Since 2014 there has been what can be classified as a very low-intensity conflict going on. For people that have been following the conflict, Russia’s intervention to protect its borders and the ethnic Russians of Eastern Ukraine is something that was bound to happen at some point.

The strangest aspect of the current conflict in Eastern Ukraine is that no one from the NATO countries has made any effort to realistically negotiate a cease-fire or peace deal. All we have seen from the NATO countries is a mammoth effort to send weapons and cash with no regard for accountability or the lives being lost. And before this conflict, Ukraine was regarded as one of, if not the most corrupt and poorest countries in Europe. So, what changed so quickly to make Ukraine the pinnacle of democracy and freedom?

Combat Footage – Russian Sniper At Work Armed with VSS

From the start of Russia’s Special Military Operation, the reports in the Western media from journalists and supposed military experts have been amusing, to say the least. Mostly just a combination of lies and complete fantasy. How many times have we heard that the Russian forces will be running out of ammunition next week etc.? Common sense says that a country the size of Russia, with its industrial capabilities, will not be running out of ammunition any time soon.

One disturbing case of fake news is that of the former Ukrainian Ombudsman for Human Rights, Ms. Lyudmila Denisova, who distributed a multitude of reports about sex crimes against women and children committed by Russian soldiers. Denisova was fired by Ukraine’s Supreme Council after it came apparent the reports were false, she had just invented the stories to discredit the Russians. No doubt the Western Media loved her stories, fake or not!

It’s been amazing to see how those promoting inclusiveness, woke culture and protecting the easily offended have quickly developed a psychotic hatred of Russians. I am very sure many of those that one day were told by the media to hate Russians, and now apparently do, have never met a Russian or fully understand the situation in Ukraine. One gentleman I know in London compared the Russophobia at the moment to the Islamophobia that occurred after the 9/11 attacks in the United States. What’s most scary about such mob hysteria is what group in society is going to be the next target to face such discrimination and hostility just because of their race, culture, or country of birth.

I understand the British establishments fear and hatred for the Russians as it stems from the Bolsheviks killing the Russian Royals. What would Britain do without its Royals and class system? God forbid it becomes a modern, equality based democracy, you can’t have common people in positions of power now, can you? President Putin’s Special Operation has the “Establishment” shitting themselves with fright.

Since the conflict started in Eastern Ukraine in 2014, I have been approached by and met a few people who have been involved with the Ukraine forces and they all had one thing in common, they could all be classified as right-wing extremists. Yes, Nazis! Before the current Special Operation, it was a well-publicized fact that the Ukraine had a Nazi problem, but magically, overnight the Nazis disappeared from Ukraine. Well, in the media at least, the reality is a little bit different… Many online documentaries and articles about the Nazis in Ukraine disappeared, they were simply canceled as they were no longer in line with the globalist agenda.

I find it disturbing when discussing this topic with supposedly knowledgeable people, finding they are in complete denial that the majority of the Ukrainian military have fascist sympathies. As I said, before the current Special Military Operation it was a known fact, but these days facts and history are fluid and changeable. But what else can we expect from a culture where it is normal for a man to become a woman and a woman a man? Does such a culture need facts and history?

During World War Two the Soviet Union’s losses were about 27,000,000 both civilian and military, let that sink in! 27 million dead due to a war against fascism. It seems that many military experts have forgotten the horrors of conventional warfare. I have spoken to many experts who have stated that Russia cannot keep up with the rate of casualty that it’s taking. Well, for one thing, the casualty rates being reported in the West are grossly inflated and secondly, I am sure the Russians understand that war costs lives, they lost 27 million the last time they fought the fascists.

It also seems NATO and its groupies have very short memories as it was only last year that they were kicked out of Afghanistan by the Taliban. A humiliating defeat after a 20-year military campaign that achieved nothing. Also, what did they achieve in other recent wars Iraq, Libya, or Yemen? We know what they are achieving in Syria, they are stealing the oil… This year the government of Mali told the French armed forces to leave in favor of bringing in the Russian private military company “Wanger”. The Mali government stated the French forces were not effectively training their military or helping to target the Islamic Extremists who are seeking to overthrow the government.

Every side in war suffers confusion and losses. During the relatively small war the British fought against the Argentinians back in 1982 over the Falkland Islands, the Royal Navy lost 2 destroyers, 2 frigates, 1 landing ship, 1 landing craft, and one 1 container ship. They also lost 24 helicopters, 10 fighter planes, and 255 personnel were killed. The British inflicted heavier casualties on the Argentinians and luckily won the war mainly due to the fact the Argentinian troops were unmotivated conscripts. So, with these material losses and numerous blunders, the British still managed to win the war. So, why is it that when the Russian forces lose a few tanks the Western experts think Russia is finished and the war is a victory for NATO? Well, I think it’s due to a combination of delusion, desperation, and being brainwashed with too much propaganda.

For the last couple of decades, NATO’s idea of war has been chasing lightly armed tribesmen around the deserts of the Middle East, so a conventional warfare on its doorstep has obviously sent many of them into a state of shock! Maybe this state of shock can explain why governments that were always preaching peace, acceptance, and unity were overnight turned into rabid warmongers. This is not the behavior of rational people but that of psychopaths.

It was disturbing to see recently people celebrating the terrorist attack on the Crimean Bridge (Kerch Strait Bridge) where three innocent people were killed. Apparently, the diver of the tuck that contained the explosives thought he was driving a commercial container of fertilizer. Is this one incident alone not an act of international terrorism or a war crime? And what about the murder of Daria Dugina who was killed by a car bomb in Moscow? Both incidents were the work of the Ukrainian Intelligence services with rumored guidance from British advisors. Such terrorist tactics are extremely irresponsible and can work both ways, there are plenty of bridges and tunnels in Western Europe, right? I am sure the Russians are a lot cooler headed and not so desperate as Ukrainian Intelligence and their advisors and such tactics will not even be put on the table unless absolutely necessary.

Drone Attack Port of Odessa

Last Monday, 10/10/22, the Russians threw about 180 missiles and drones into strategic infrastructure targets in Ukraine. Something they should have done a long time before if they were fighting a total war, but they are not, it’s a Special Operation. There were reportedly 20 people killed and around 70 wounded, according to Ukrainian sources. The Russians on this day and all other days have been precise in their targeting to limit civilian casualties, to limit collateral damage. In contrast imagine the civilian casualties, well “Collateral Damage”, if NATO or the US fired 180 missiles and drones into a country in one day… We would be counting the dead in the hundreds to start with… But who cares about collateral damage when it for the globalist cause?

The reality is NATO are not fighting for freedom and democracy but for the rights of drag queens and pole dancers to entertain children, for you to be happy as an obedient slave, for you to be addicted to social media where your will be programed with the opinions that you need to have, and for the global elites to live beyond the laws which you will comply with. NATO is fighting for woke totalitarian system where personal freedom on longer exists. And at this point they are also fighting for the survival of a Western European elitists system which is quickly disintegrating.

Zelenskyy & The Bidens

So how did Volodymyr Zelenskyy go from being an actor to Ukrainian President? Well, the story is very strange… In 2015, Zelenskyy became the star of a hit Ukrainian TV series called “Servant of the People“, where his character was the president of Ukraine; the series ran for three seasons from 2015 to 2019, with a film released in 2016. In March 2018, Zelenskyy’s production company registered a new political party called the same name as the television program “Servant of the People“. Less than four months before the election, Zelenskyy announced he was running for president of Ukraine. On 21 April 2019, he won 73 percent of the vote and became the President of Ukraine.

Was the TV series “Servant of the People” part of Zelenskyy’s and his handlers’ plan to help him become the President of Ukraine? I expect it was and we have to admit it was a brilliant tactic. The Ukrainians had been brainwashed for three years into thinking of him as their President. This type of human programming is right out of the brilliant Yuval Harari playbook and is being used globally to change people’s ways of thinking, to make them more accepting of globalization via TV, movies & social media. It worked in Ukraine and is working in Britain… Just remember what I said about Ayisha, Great Britain’s transgender sheep…

Nov 28, 2019 – Yuval Noah Harari – Humans are now hackable animals

The upheavals in Ukraine’s recent history and the rise of Zelenskyy, the bisexual cocaine-snorting actor, have without a doubt been guided by outside players. One question that needs to be answered is why is Ukraine so important to the US and Western Europe that they would run the risk of starting a nuclear war over it? How many other conflicts are there where everyone just looks the other way? There are plenty of conflicts in Africa where innocent people are suffering but no one cares, as usual.

The Biden Administration is throwing US taxpayers’ money into Ukraine with little or no accountability to protect their supposed national security and interests, meanwhile, there are thousands of undocumented immigrants pouring across the Southern US border with Mexico and they have no interest. Look at Mexico, regions of the country are controlled by narco-terrorists and it’s on the US’s doorstep, but they are more concerned about one of the poorest and most corrupt countries in Europe… Something does not smell right, and it hasn’t for a long time.

It’s a known fact that for many years Joe Biden and his druggy son Hunter have had official and questionable business interests in Ukraine. President Trump, when in office, tasked his lawyer Rudy Giuliani to investigate Biden’s dealings in Ukraine and he was met with, shall we say, obstacles. A phone conversation between Trump and Zelenskyy, during which Trump asked Zelenskyy to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden formed the basis of the first impeachment case against the then President Trump.

Can we say Zelenskyy is a Biden family puppet or little bitch? I am pretty sure we can, bought, and fucking paid for. Zelenskyy covered for Biden, especially with Hunter Biden’s role as a board member of “Burisma” one of Ukraine’s largest natural gas companies. President Donald Trump believed that Joe Biden improperly tried to help Hunter Biden’s business interests in Ukraine. Hunter Biden’s supposedly provided legal and finance strategy advice during a five-year term of employment with Burisma. During his time at Burisma, the company faced allegations of tax violations, money laundering, and corruption. But Hunter Biden has never said what he actually did or how much he earned.

The willingness of the Biden Administration to fund Zelenskyy’s war is not really logical for the reasons being put on the table, freedom, democracy, and the usual bullshit. The issue with the democracy part is that Zelenskyy has banned all relevant opposition political parties and made himself the de facto king of Ukraine. It would be interesting to know what other secrets Zelenskyy has on the Biden family. Judging by the amount of cash they are giving him, he must have a few very good ones. But I am sure as with the case of Hunter Biden’s laptop which contained substantial evidence of his drug use, sexual perversions, and corruption any secrets that slipped out would be quickly canceled.

Footage Reportedly Shows Hunter Biden Fessing Up To Prostitute_360p


President Putin’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine has changed the world in a way that has not been seen since World War Two. The events on the battlefields of Eastern Ukraine are minor when compared with the economic and social effects stemming from this conflict.

As the European Union and the UK struggle due to economic issues related to gas and oil supplies will they be able to maintain their position as global elites, or will new players rise and Europe fade? Europe quickly realized its overuse of sanctions against Russia in fact hurt themselves more than the Russians. The banning of Russia from the SWIFT banking system has just prompted them and others to find alternative banking solutions which in the long run will remove the US Dollar as being the dominant global currency. The Russian ruble’s strength has grown nearly 40% since the war in Ukraine began.

Another question that needs answering is who blew up the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea? Why would Russia blow up its own pipeline when it could just turn off the supplies? Could the US or other NATO members be behind this attack? Why not? With Nord Stream down Europe needs to look elsewhere for gas, no more Gazprom, and hello to the European and North American gas companies…

From the social and political perspective, Putin’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine has highlighted the divisions within societies. Even before the conflict, many in the US were questioning the direction in which the Biden Administration was taking the country. Most normal people have had enough of the woke culture, the cancel culture, blatant government corruption, and the constant bombardment of LGBT propaganda. At a time when the US economy has problems, why should taxpayers’ money be funding a war in Europe?

With the facts coming out about the FBI trying to cover up the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop people are asking what else has been covered up and what else have government agencies done to interfere with elections or to persecute those that oppose the globalists.

Do you think if President Trump was in office that there would be a war in Ukraine? I will say definitely not, and I am sure most of you will agree with me. With the US midterm elections coming very soon the Biden Administration is expected to take a beating due to their disastrous performance to date. Will President Trump run again? Hopefully he will, and he will win if he runs, that’s why the globalists are doing everything they can to stop him.

If not President Trump for President in 2024 then who else is there that can start to rectify the mess the Biden Administration has caused? I would say keep an eye on the current Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and also Tulsi Gabbard who recently resigned from Biden’s democratic party due to her disgust at their warmongering and corruption.

In a future world where the US and Russia are back on amicable terms where will this leave the Ukraine, UK & EU? To be honest who fucking cares… I am telling people that those kissing Biden’s ass today will be eating Trump’s shit in two years. And for those in the UK or EU that think the US actually cares about them, you need to wake the fuck up, they just blew up your gas pipeline!

Orlando W.

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