War in Ambazonia

The War in Ambazonia Continues

As most of the world had been concerned with Covid-19 the war and human rights abuses in Ambazonia has continued.

While the Government Forces and the mercenaries of the Cameroonian President Paul Biya continue their human rights abuse campaign against the civilian population of Southern Cameroons the Ambazonian Restoration Forces have taken the initiative in the defense of their communities.  

Recently members of the Cameroonian police, armed and special forces have started to desert their posts and give or offer to sell their arms and equipment to the Ambazonian Restoration Forces. Even though the Cameroonian police and army are far better equipped and armed than the Ambazonian Restoration Forces, they and their Israeli mercenary advisors and trainers are not prepared for the unconventional bush war that is now underway.

There has been fake news that the war in Ambazonia is an Islamic war… There are Islamic terrorist active in the north of Cameroon but the population of Ambazonia are the majority English speaking community of Cameroon and Christian. On the 30th October 2018, Pastor Charles T. Wesco an American missionary was shot and killed in the town of Bamenda by Cameroonian armed forces in what some claim was a targeted attack. Catholic Priests have been actively targeted by the Cameroonian armed forces in Ambazonia. Please read the flowing articles for more background on the armed struggle and human rights abuses in Southern Cameroons.

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The following documents and videos show the true picture of what is going on in Ambazonia. While the Cameroonian police, armed and special forces abuse the civilian population the Ambazonian Restoration Forces are determined to defend their communities and gain independence for their country!

Orlando W.

The IED War in Ambazonia

Cameroonian Army & Police Desertions

The Unconventional War in Ambazonia

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