Understanding Arrogance for Leadership

Understanding Arrogance for Leadership Development

Understanding arrogance in people is a major part of being able to effectively communicate in a personal or corporate environment. I regularly deal with people from a wide variety of  social, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, most of whom I am happy to say are very decent people. Luckily these days I can choose who I deal with professionally, so I can avoid the assholes of the world.

On a daily basis, mainly due to the fact I am in South Florida, U.S. at this time, I have to deal with arrogant, ignorant and incompetent people all the time. Understanding arrogance helps me greatly when dealing with these people to keep in mind their motivations and issues!

There is a big difference between self-confidence and arrogance but many seem to not understand the difference. Personally I think it’s a good thing to be confident in your ability and proud of your achievements but this does not mean everyone else is inferior to you. To me politeness and courtesy costs nothing so why try to belittle people; unless they’ve been an asshole and deserve it of course…

It’s been explained to me by several people over the years and I see this as being true, that the reason most people are arrogant and act like assholes to others is because they are insecure individuals. We are all insecure to some degree but these are things we should confront and deal with. I was a very angry young man with a lot to prove, which I did and have the scars, media coverage and published books to support this.  Was my anger due to being insecure, I think so to a large degree.

Over the years I have dealt with some extremely wealthy people and most I would say were very insecure and unhappy people. I have also dealt with those who in the Western World would be classed as living in poverty but they were self-confident and happy people. Maybe the über-rich I dealt with were more worried about losing their money and keeping up appearances than actually living. Another big problem with a lot of people these days, especially in South Florida, seems to be they are trying to live the “Rock Star” lifestyle without having the necessary budget! This I am sure is the main reason for epidemic of anxiety, depression and medicated people, who are over compensating for their shortcomings by trying to mimic a fusion of Donald Trump and Caitlyn Jenner.

Believe me ignorant and arrogant people annoy the fuck out of me but when I think about things, it’s their issue. They are the ones with the social issues, be it they were bullied as a child, have a cheating spouse, are impotent or other things they are now trying to over compensate for by being assholes.  It’s sad that these days much of society idolizes reality TV stars and assess people more on the cars they drive or the brands of clothes they wear rather than the actual person.  I live my own way so I don’t have these social pressures and in many ways find them ridiculous, but that’s me.

So, if someone is happy and confident with their lives I expect they will be polite and courteous. If they are an asshole, pity them, you don’t have their issues and have a life to get on with!

Orlando Wilson 

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