Israeli Military Contractors in Cameroon

Israeli Military Contractors in Cameroon

I have been hearing for while that there were “White Mercenaries” training and working with the government forces in Cameroon that had been targeting the Anglophone community in Ambazonia. Ambazonia use to be The Southern Cameroons in the time of British Empire and is now the Anglophone (English Speaking) areas in South West Cameroon, which declared independence in 2016 from the Republic of Cameroon. But has since seen a campaign of terror unleashed on them by the Cameroon Government of President Paul Biya.

In a recent investigative report by the organization “African Arguments” they identified numerous former Israeli Defense Force officers who were involved in the training and equipping of the Cameroon Government Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR), which operates directly for President Paul Biya. The BIR has documented history of human rights abuses against the civilian population of Ambazonia and Cameroon in general.

Rapid Intervention Battalion or the BIR was set up by the Israeli Colonel Abraham Sivan in 1999 who subsequently died in a helicopter crash in Cameroon in 2010. Since the death of Colonel Sivan the identities of those training and equipping the BIR have been kept a lot more confidential.

It is claimed the BIR is funded by through back door accounts that are not part of the official government budget. Ambazonia is the oil rich area of Cameroon that supplies 60% of the country’s income. In 2018 the London-based oil and gas company New Age (African Global Energy) Ltd. had agreed a well-publicized deal with the Cameroonian Government for the amount of £1.5 billion to increase exports from the offshore Etinde gas field, which is in Ambazonia.

One of the Israelis mentioned in the “African Arguments” report for training and equipping the BIR “Eran Moas” who they claim has purchased “at least $32 million dollars-worth of property in New York, Los Angeles, Haifa and Yaoundé, much of it without a mortgage.”. The name “Eran Moas” has also been associated with the California based company “Crown Royal Developers Inc.”.

On 26/06/20 a report from the news website Africa Intelligence stated that there was growing resentment within the Cameroon Army against the BIR, who were better trained, equipped and paid than the rest of the military who were engaged in battling Boko Haram in the north of the country and oppressing the insurgency in Ambazonia. The report also mentioned that for the last four years, Israeli Brigadier General Baruch Mena has been a technical adviser to the Cameroonian president and before him it was General Mayer Heres and Colonel Abraham Sirvan. But their names are nowhere to be found in the official government listings.

On 26/06/20 the Organization of Emerging African States wrote to the Israeli Ministry of Defense asking them to clarify the involvement of serving and former Israeli Defense Force members in the training, equipping of the BIR and also reports that they have been taking part in operations that have involved human rights violations in Amazonia.

There have been numerous reports of white men accompanying BIR and other Cameroon Military Units on operations in Ambazonia, if these men are Israeli, French or nationals of other countries it has yet to be clarified.

What is clear is that the conflict in Amazonia continues and in 2020 so far 61 villages have been attacked and reported casualties stand at 716. As the wealth and lives of the citizens of Amazonia continues to be squandered the international community are silent.

Articles on the conflict in Ambazonia

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