Coronavirus & Terrorism

Coronavirus & Terrorism

Could the Coronavirus be used as a terrorist weapon? YES!

If you have terrorists that are willing to blow themselves up for their misguided beliefs, then won’t they be willing to knowing become infected with Coronavirus and spread it among the communities that they are targeting? In many ways this is far safer for them and can cause more casualties and long-term financial losses to the communities they are targeting than a bombing or active shooter attack.

The infected terrorist be they left wing, right wing or a religious extremist just has to become infected with the Coronavirus and start to frequent the locations used by those they are targeting or making professional or social contact with their targets and using a multitude of simple techniques to spread their germs.

I think what many people misunderstand when they think about terrorism is that they think the aim of the terrorists is just causing physical casualties. Reality check: Life is cheap, and people are replaceable… If the terrorists are wise their aim is long-term disorder and financial lose which can cripple communities and countries.

How can we defend against such a threat? From a close protection perspective all you can do is try to limit the client’s exposure, be wary of approaches from unknown people and enforce hygiene practices to the maximum. From a community perspective, people must be educated, enforce hygiene practices and know how to report anyone to the authorities that someone is acting suspiciously. I think with this case legally defining suspicious would be very difficult in many countries but it’s going to have to be done…

Stay safe,

Orlando W.