The Extremist Threat in Europe

The Extremist Threat in Europe: “You Reap What You Sow”

The Extremist Threat in Europe

A shorter version of this article was translated and published in the Newspaper “Kurir” in the Republic of Serbia.

I would like to thank Branka Mitrovic and the team at Kurir for running this article!

Below is the unedited English version!

Orlando W. 

The Extremist Threat in Europe: “You Reap What You Sow”

“Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society” – Aristotle

On the 4th anniversary of the Bataclan attack in Paris we must ask ourselves if Europe and the world in general has made any progress in controlling and defeating extremism? Also, has anything worthwhile been done to make Europe safer from similar atrocities which happened at Bataclan or in any of the other attacks that have happened in Belgium, UK, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Spain and US….? Sadly, I would say no…

While the police and intelligence agencies are doing their best with their limited budgets and manpower to counter and deal with the threats from terrorist attacks this can only be viewed as a short term and very limited response. When looking to solve a problem you must always look for the source of the problem. Unless you are blind its pretty clear that the source of the Islamic and Nazi problems that Europe, and to some extent the US, are now facing are down to their government actions in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya etc…

The Western European and US governments have created the perfect environment for Islamic extremists and Nazi groups to be able to gain influence, recruit and spread their propaganda. For the Islamic extremists the wars in the Middle East have given them the justification to demonize the Christian countries of Europe as the invaders and the crusaders who are out to persecute and exploit the Muslim countries of the Middle East.

For the Nazi’s and other right-wing extremists, the waves of illegal immigrants pouring into Europe has revitalized their movements and brought them supporters who see their communities being taken over by illegal immigrants and refugees, who in many cases are treated and supported by their countries governments better than their own citizens.

In this short article I will highlight a few key points on the wars in Syria, immigration and extremism that will clarify that the ultimate responsibility for the chaos Europe is in at the moment is down to shortsighted, corrupt and incompetent politicians and governments.

The Wars

To start with, a simple question; who is behind the wars in Iraq, Libya and Syria? Who promoted and funded the movements that were behind the Arab Springs? The answer is simple, the governments of the US and Western Europe.

Why would the governments of the US and Western Europe want to start wars in Iraq, Libya and Syria? The simple answer is what President Trump recently confirmed, Oil. Iraq and Libya have large oil reserves and Syria’s Bashar al-Assad government is blocking the construction of oil pipelines running from the Gulf Arab countries into the Mediterranean. Politically, we must not forget that the Syrian government of al-Assad is disliked by the West, the Gulf Arabs and Israelis all of whom would sooner see one of their puppets in his place.

To highlight the total hypocrisy of the US, West European and Israelis supposed war on Islamic extremist groups in Syria you only have to look to who has been funding, facilitating and arming these terrorist groups…

In 2015 the terrorism trial in London of a Swedish national, Bherlin Gildo, collapsed as his lawyers argued British intelligence agencies were supporting the same Syrian opposition group, Jabhat al-Nusra an Al Qaeda affiliate, that he had been fighting for. This case made public the contradictions in the UK governments public stance on Islamic terrorism and the fact the British intelligence services had been arming and training terrorists under the pretext that they were the “Free Syrian Army” and just ordinary everyday moderate rebels.

The British intelligence service, MI-6, is one of the oldest and most respected in the world, their excuse that they did not know they were training Islamic Extremists is nothing more than an arrogant “F#ck You” to the world because their activities were exposed. They knew very well who they were training, arming and consequences of letting these terrorist scum lose to rape and murder with impunity.

Also, take note that there have been very few terrorist arrests such as that of Bherlin Gildo since that case collapsed… Why?  Because British intelligence does not want any more bad publicity, better off to let the now “reformed terrorists” collect their government benefits, live happy ever after, and hope they remain good little boys and girls, and also hope they don’t decide to start slaughtering people in Europe for their moderate rebel cause…

To fund these Islamic extremists the West used supposed aid groups such as the “White Helmets” who have strong links to recognized terrorist groups like ISIS, Al Nusra and Al Qaeda. It was the White Helmets that were behind the filming of staged chemical attacks in Syria that gave the US and its allies the justification for bombing the locations of Syrian government forces who were fighting ISIS, Al Nusra and Al Qaeda.

The White Helmets were set up by a former British Army Officer, James Le Mesurier, who has been found dead today, the day I am writing this article (11/11/19), after apparently falling from the balcony of his home near Istanbul in Turkey after recently being accused of being an MI-6 spy by the Russian Foreign Ministry in a Tweet.

The White Helmets who official name is the Syria Civil Defence (SCD) reportedly has an annual budget of $30 million USD that comes largely from US and European government donations. I would not be surprise if George Soros is also throwing money at them, they seem like his type of people. The funds and supplies from aid agencies are distributed to the terrorists or, as they are better known in the western media as “Moderate Rebels”, by setting up fake feeding, employee or expense accounts… On paper for tax and accountability purposes supplies and funds for the terrorists are ultimately going to people and organizations that for the most don’t really exist…

Medical support has been openly provided to the terrorist group Jabhat al-Nusra by the Israeli Defense Force. In January 2019 the outgoing Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) chief Lieutenant-General Gadi Eisenkot confirmed that Israeli has also supplied light weapons in addition to medical supplies to terrorist groups in Syria to counter the threat they perceived from Iran.

The terrorist groups in Syria have been receiving shipments of arms that have been traced back to manufacturers in Europe and the US. Most of the weapons were sold legitimately to governments such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia who then passed them on to the opposition groups they fund and facilitate in Syria, who for the most are affiliated with recognized terrorist groups such as ISIS, Al Nusra and Al Qaeda.

We can say the West, especially the US has a very short memory as they are supporting Islamic extremist who’s ultimate goal in the long run is to destroy the true followers moderate Islam and Christians and replace the societies we live in with their radical interpretations of Islam and Sharia Law.

We must also remember most of the 9/11 attackers that killed 2,977 innocent people in the US were from Saudi Arabia, and how did the US punish Saudi Arabia? They invaded Iraq… Saudi Arabia is a very close ally of the US, which is very surprising when comparing the outlooks of both countries.

The US likes to promote itself as the world leader in such things as democracy, women’s and gay rights etc. and Saudi Arabia views woman at about the same level as they do cattle and homosexuals are beheaded or stoned to death if their lifestyles as exposed.

But because Saudi has oil and buys billions of dollars of US and European weapons such minor details as stoning women to death and dissolving journalists in acid are not really worth making a fuss about…  The US and Western Europe has far more important issues to deal with like should transgender men be called men or women or are both terms offensive to men, women and transgenders…

Just from what I have written here it is clear to see that the Governments in Western Europe and the US that claim to be fighting a war on Islamic extremism are the ones that are funding, arming and facilitating the terrorist groups in the first place as they are trying to coordinate them to do their dirty work in Syria etc.

One of the results of the US and Western Europeans governments war in Syria has been to help Islamic extremist groups recruit and encourage the radicalization misguided Muslims globally. People forget or are just too stupid to realize, that in the wars in Syria and Iraq against these extremist groups, that the majority of the fighting and dying has been done by Muslims. Ethnic groups such as the Yazidis in Iraq were specifically targeted by ISIS and had communities annihilated and destroyed but the majority of the Islamic extremist victims have been other Muslims.

What I find amusing and pathetic is the complete ignorance of the right-wing and Nazis in Europe, and the US, when they post photos, videos and memes on social media waving their countries flags and proclaiming how they will destroy Islam. These idiots that live in a fantasy world of blind Disney World patriotism don’t understand it’s the governments of their countries, the countries of the flags they are waving, that are funding and arming the Islamic terrorists that want to destroy the West, Europe, Christianity, moderate Muslims and anyone else that does not fit in with their radical agendas.

When we look at the war in Syria and ask who has actually been actively fighting ISIS, Al Nusra, Al Qaeda and protecting the Christians and the other minorities it’s the groups that the US and Western European governments are telling everyone are the enemies; The Syrian Government, Hezbollah, Iran and in the last few years Russia.

To me, its pretty clear that US and Western European governments in addition to losing the war they started in Syria have also helped to destabilize Europe and enable a breeding ground for Islamic, left and right wing extremism that in the long run is going to lead to more terrorist attacks and the deaths of more innocent people.

The Extremist Threat in Europe

Illegal Immigration

With the emphasis being placed on the welfare of the supposed refugees arriving from Turkey, Syria and North Africa the issues of criminals and terrorists being amongst those arriving is being completely ignored and it’s a subject those in power and the mainstream media don’t want to discuss.

In addition to the nearly 900,000 registered asylum seekers (figures from the European statistics office) within Europe there are many more undocumented illegal immigrants, most of whom are earning a living from crime and black-market activities. There have been thousands of citizens from Western Europe, U.S. and Canada who have traveled to Syria and Iraq to fight with terrorist groups and are now returning, many of these people are not known to law enforcement agencies.

Due to the fragmented structure of the illegal immigration and refugee system it is extremely difficult if not impossible for law enforcement agencies to identify potential criminals and terrorists as they arrive in Europe. The Schengen Agreement which has led to open borders in Europe means criminals and terrorists can roam freely and virtually unchallenged within the European Union. The refugees and illegal immigrants entering Europe are rarely stopped and searched by law enforcement which means its easy for them to bring in firearms and grenades etc. that can be used in criminal or terrorist attacks. From January to July this year in Sweden there had been 120 bomb/grenade attacks, but this is nothing to worry about, just immigrants assimilating…

With the recent Turkish offensive and the United States retreat from hostile areas of Syria there have been mass escapes from the prisons housing known Islamic terrorists and the camps holding the known wives and children of Islamic terrorists. Many of these terrorists and their families have European citizenships and will be heading back to their countries of citizenship. It is well understood that these adults and children are radicalized and traumatized from their experiences and have the potential to commit acts of extreme violence and need to be helped, supervised or imprisoned.

One of the biggest facilitators of illegal immigration into Europe are the aid agencies and charities that are profiting from this crisis. Even though aid agencies publicize themselves as being not for profit it’s a known fact they are businesses which make a lot of money for their trusties and associates alike. It is also well understood that it’s in the interest aid agencies to encourage illegal immigrations into Europe and prolong crisis situations to justify donations to their charities from private and government donors.

While prolonging the immigration crisis provides funding and jobs for the aid agencies such situations can affect the economies and development of the crisis locations and the day-to-day lives of the local inhabitants. Its common when local Europeans or their politicians complain about the immigration crisis the mainstream media quickly brands them as Nazis when all they are doing is speaking up for the rights of their communities.

I find it strange that aid agencies to a greater degree are unregulated and their employees unlicensed which is very concerning when the tasks they undertake and the vulnerable people they deal with on a regular basis are taken into consideration. With the current immigration crisis, the aid agencies are usually the ones that make first contact with the arriving illegal immigrants and refugees who could be criminals, terrorists or children being trafficked for sexual exploitation.

The reports from the Greek Islands are that the arrival points for the illegal immigrants are being coordinated between the smugglers and aid agency staff. Are criminal and terrorist sympathizers within aid agencies helping to facilitate the movements and activities of members of organized crime and terrorist groups? I will let you think about the questions and answer it yourself!

And where are these unregulated and unlicensed aid agencies getting the millions of dollars they use to fly their trusties and executives around in business class, accommodate them in the best hotels, feed them in the best restaurants, pay them excellent salaries and then even spend some of their money on food and tents for the illegal immigrants they are encouraging to come the Europe? Well they are getting the money from Western government and private NGO donations… Hold on, don’t terrorist groups in Syria do the same?

From what I have seen the business of applying for and being awarded government or NGO donations and grants is like many things in life… It depends who know and what’s in it for them… The illegal immigration and refugee crisis in Europe is a business that is making a lot of money for a lot of people, thats why the measures being taken to combat the crisis are minimal and usually branded as inhuman or fascist if they have any possibility of being effective.

I think most decent Europeans would not question public funds being used for food, housing, medical services and education being given to help legitimate refugees and people in need. The problem is at the moment most of the supposed “refugees” arriving in Europe tend to be young men of working and military age and not starving women and children.

Personally, I don’t really think a fit young man who has run away from his own country because he does not want to fight for his country is a legitimate asylum seeker, he is a coward. I personally know many people who have lived through the wars in Iraq and Syria, some of whom returned to their homeland to fight for their families and countries. So, why are European taxpayers having to support cowards who should have been defending their countries and families? It’s because these illegal immigrants, these cowards, these criminals are enabling people with the right connections to make a lot of money and further their political goals.

Recently in Essex in Britain 39 dead bodies were found in the back of a truck. The bodies were of illegal immigrants from China and Vietnam who had been smuggled into the UK at a reported cost of £30,000 per, person. £30,000 is not a small sum of money, most British people could never dream of seeing that amount of untaxed and unreported cash in their lifetimes.

It costs money to travel or be trafficked by organized gangs across the Middle East or Africa and then across Europe. In the case of the 39 dead bodies found in the truck in Essex, there have been arrests made in Northern and Southern Ireland. Looking at the locations of a “few” of the arrests, they look like to be pretty hard core Republican IRA areas… Would not be the first time the IRA was linked to people trafficking; Click – Top Provos are linked to people trafficking.

These illegal immigrants are paying to be brought to Europe and are then expecting to be supported by the Governments of the countries they decide to stay in. There have been many cases in the immigrant camps in Greece where the immigrants have thrown away the free food they are being given as it is not good enough… We can conclude from this that these people are not starving and must be ordering pizza deliveries from their smart phones…

The fact that the mainstream media, charities and government agencies seem to think the average European is stupid and doesn’t realize that the illegal economic immigrants being let into their countries, being given free housing and benefits are not genuine refugees, is one of the main reasons that is helping fuel right-wing extremism in Europe.

I might be wrong, but as far as I know every country has laws in place in reference to immigration. I am very sure that if I was working in a Western European country illegally and not paying taxes, I would have problems. I know quite a few professional people from the US and Europe who have had to go through a lot of bureaucracy, paperwork, headaches and expense to try to legally work in other countries. In the meantime, the doors of most countries seem wide open and welcoming for undocumented illegal immigrants.

Extremism in Europe

Human evolution has always been about migrations and change but what’s happening in Europe at this time is forced immigration and is destabilizing. When most people talk about the rise of Islamic Extremism or Nazis, they are focusing on the foot soldiers and their organizations, not what environments produced these organizations and their radicalized followers.

I think it was the murdered former Prime Minister of Libya, Muammar al-Gaddafi, that said that in 200 years’ Europe will be Islamic, and to be honest the way things are going he might have been right. This statement for me highlighted the main problem that Western Europe and the US is facing.

Gaddafi was thinking long term and for his religion, 200 years… In Western Europe and the US, the politicians (They are not worthy to be called leaders) are thinking in terms of generally 4 years, the span of their elected time in office. The goals of these politicians are short term and generally for the benefit of their own or their associate’s interests, not their countries and definitely not for such things as Christianity. If you asked most people in Western Europe what they believe their countries will be like in 200 year’s I am sure most would agree with Gaddafi.

The current extremism in Europe can be blamed on radicalized Muslims, it can also be blamed on the Nazi groups which are attracting more followers on a daily basis, but this just putting the blame on groups of people who in many cases have behavioral or mental issues to start with, and have become disillusioned with how mainstream society is evolving.

Looking at the situation in Europe it’s only a matter of time before there is another terrorist attack on a school, church or public event by some idiots who will claim allegiance to ISIS to ensure they get their 15 minutes of fame on social media and the TV networks. What these wannabe Jihadi idiots don’t realize is all they are doing in addition to killing and injuring innocent people is further alienating their communities and fueling the propaganda machines of right-wing and anti-Islamic groups.

I honestly believe that responsible people from different cultures and religions can live side-by-side, but to do so they can not allow extremism of any form to take root and develop. Another big problem today in most countries is that the tolerance of others takes priority over what is best for the country and its people.

I am a great believer in the saying that “You Reap What You Have Sowed” and the people of Europe are now having to deal with the consequences of the stupid decisions they let their elected politicians make. I hope this short article will help some people to wake-up and see the crimes and corruption that are being committed by governments and NGO’s under the cover of humanitarianism.

This false humanitarianism whether it’s the funding of the White Helmets or picking up illegal immigrants in the Mediterranean and dumping them in Europe helps the agendas of the extremists on all sides in one way or another.

The people of Europe have been betrayed by their governments, but can Europe regain control and tackle the issues of illegal immigration and extremism, of course… But it’s going to take what Europe does not have at this time, and that is real leaders who will stand up, work for their people,  their countries and not themselves and their flunkies!

Orlando W. 

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