Photography for Investigators

Photography for Investigators & Close Protection

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It always amazes me how many people in the investigation, close protection and even media world can’t take decent photographs or videos. Most cell phones come with cameras that can take decent stills photos and video that is more than adequate for operational purposes, so there is no excuse why people can’t take photos these days.

I regular come across people who have completed close protection and firearms courses but have no clue how to take a half decent photo or video. If you ask me what is more relevant, knowing how to use a firearm or knowing how to use a camera, I would say knowing how to use a camera is priority. Knowing how to use firearms maybe a required skill, but it’s not a priority for most people and if taught properly, it does not take long to get someone up to an OK operational standard.

These days photography is simple compared to what it used to be say 20 years ago. Back in the day you had to understand such things as shutter speeds, exposures and film speed, these days you can just point and shoot. I still have my old stills camera, a manual SLR with a 300mm lens, a x2 converter to boost it up to 600mm, a 28mm wide angel lens and filters. These days most cell phone cameras are way more effective, versatile and powerful than my old SLR and its accessories.

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Orlando W.

Miami, FL, USA

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