Accused Thief Executed in Venezuela

Accused Thief Executed in Venezuela – Warning – Graphic

Apparently the man in the below video, an accused thief, was accused and executed for stealing wire in Venezuela form the company Parmalat. You can hear the company name “Parmalat” mentioned at 0:27 / 0:28 point in this video… No-one knows if the killers were working as security or enforcers for Parmalat…

Or just decided to hunt this man down and kill him because… Who knows… Such is the value of life in Venezuela these days…

For many people the situation in Venezuela is just another political arguing point that has recently been in the news due to President’s Trump recognition of the country’s political opposition leader Juan Guaidó as interim president as a result of the failing communist government of Nicolás Maduro.

What most people do not understand and what is not being mentioned in the media is that Venezuela is very much a “Narco” state. As well as being a country that is rich in oil and other natural resources it is also a hub for drugs being trafficked from South America in the U.S. and Europe via the Caribbean.

Many parts of the country are controlled by narco traffickers who work hand in hand with the Venezuelan police and national guard to facilitate the secure transportation of narcotics to and from airstrips or from the airstrips to fast boats on the Caribbean coast.

Venezuela is a failed State, but can things be put back in order? Well, anything can be fixed if people want it to be fixed. The issue with Venezuela is that so many people are making money from those situations not being fixed including the supposed political opposition. In Miami it’s common knowledge that a lot of very wealthy Venezuelans are buying properties and business, but where is their money coming from? How many of the supposed political opposition are still doing business with the Venezuelan government and how much of their dirty money is being laundered in the Miami’s new luxury condos building etc.?

Orlando W.

Accused Thief Executed in Venezuela – Warning – Graphic

Miami, FL, USA

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