Schwarzenegger’s BODYGUARD FAIL!

Arnold Schwarzenegger – BODYGUARD FAIL!

Think his Bodyguard’s were too big to move… Or….WTF??? Arnold looked fine in the following footage, as calm and professional as always!

A lot of executive protection schools tell their students to “Always Watch The Hands”…….. Sure these guys were doing as they were trained…. Just their training was flawed… There is a big difference between the world of Secret Services Operations and small scale commercial executive protection operations… We can start with budget and manpower… But, many don’t comprehend the differences….

One of the biggest problems with the bodyguard and close protection industry is bad management, many of those running security companies have no experience of actually performing close protection duties themselves. They bullshit their way into contracts and their only concern is billing the clients for the maximum they can get out of them, but this is what business is about right? It’s all good until things go wrong and in the serious world of close protection that means people get hurt or go to jail. I pity the clients that hire what they believe is a highly experience company when in fact they’ve been sold a lie. This happens a lot, so to all potential clients make sure you do your due diligence and don’t believe that sales pitches and glossy brochures!

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