Book: Investigative Journalist Security

Investigative Journalist Security: Staying Alive to Tell The Truth

I have compiled this book at the request of someone who is active in promoting the rights of journalists who are targeted for their political affiliations and their anti-corruption investigations. This book will highlight potential security threats and provides simple and effective procedures and advice on how to protect yourself, your families and your associates.

Kindle Edition: $3.99 @
Paper Back: $9.99 @

Sadly, these days the rights of journalists, activists, bloggers and those who believe in freedom of speech in general, are being eroded, usually in the name of national security or political correctness. In many places, governments at all levels operate outside of the laws that apply to regular citizens and are actively engaged in corrupt and immoral practices without having to suffer legal ramifications. These days speaking up and giving your opinion can land you in trouble for a vast variety of reasons. On the other hand, doing the right thing and exposing corruption and criminal activities can lead to your persecution, arrest and even death.

Democracy and freedom depend on the freedom of speech and diversity of opinions. If you are vocal about your opinions these days, you must take your personal security into consideration. If you are actively involved in investigating and exposing criminal activity your personal security and that of those close to you should always be a priority.

A lot of the information in this book is double sided because the best way to learn how to defend yourself is to understand how others could target you. When compiling a security plan always try to see things from your opposition’s perspective. I hope this book can help you keep yourself, your families and associates safe regardless of political inclinations, culture, gender or opinions.

NOTE: There are chapters in this book that are used in my other books, this book has been written and compiled specifically for investigative journalists and the like!

Investigative Journalist Security: Staying Alive to Tell The Truth
Kindle Edition: $3.99 @
Paper Back: $9.99 @

Orlando “Andy” Wilson

International Private Investigator

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