Belgium’s Fishy Legal System

Belgium’s Fishy Legal System

I was lucky enough to spend a month in Belgium recently which is it a beautiful country, with very friendly people, excellent food and drink, its a great place! But, the investigative case I was dealing with contradicts everything else I experienced in the country…

The client had been severely hurt in a car accident and since then there has been a lot of questionable and apparently criminal issues that have occurred with their business and personal life and also with the insurance case where they are owed a lot of money…

I would say everything from supposed neutral doctors conspiring with insurance companies to minimize claimant payments, assigning unnecessary painful medical tests for the claimant, which is clearly patient abuse to insurance company investigators planting tracking devices on the claimant’s car… And of course, we have the usual lawyers working for themselves and not their clients, but that’s expected in most places…

For a country like Belgium that portrays it’s self as a beacon for human rights, something with this case stinks like rotten fish…

I look forward to telling the full story in the future and would be happy to hear from others who have had similar experiences…

Orlando W 

International Private Investigator

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