Jeff Bezos an Executive Protection Fail

Jeff Bezos an Executive Protection Fail

The fact The National Enquirer tracked Jeff Bezos’s for over four months is a major lapse in corporate security… A complete executive protection fail! 

The National Enquirer said it had been investigating Bezos for four months, tracking the Amazon CEO “across five states and 40,000 miles.” The tabloid said it had evidence that Bezos has been “whisking his mistress off to exotic destinations on his $65 million private jet.”

Jeff Bezos is the founder of the online retailer Amazon and one of the richest people in the world. He has just made public that he will be getting divorced from his wife of 25 years after an extra marital affair was made public, that’s his personal business… The divorce could cost him 50% of his wealth including his stocks in Amazon, which could lead to control issues for the company and shareholders, this is company business… Again, someone’s personal life has gotten them and their company into big trouble!

The National Enquirer had reportedly been following Jeff Bezos for at least four months across the U.S. and have pages of photos, travel records and even indecent texts that Bezos sent to his mistress… So, where was Bezos security team? I take it he must have at least one Executive Protection Specialist assigned to him somewhere, for something…

I understand that Jeff Bezos’s marriage and affair were a personal issue, but it’s also a company security issue as the fallout could affect a lot of people. The fact The National Enquirer could track and follow him for over four months is a major lapse in corporate and personal security… A complete executive protection fail! To start with no one realized he was being photographed? Which means no physical counter surveillance? So, what was his staff doing, looking pretty, posting selfies and running up expenses?

I don’t know the details of Jeff Bezos’s personal security but will say if he had any, it was a waste of time and money, an executive protection fail! Most corporate security managers and human resource people don’t understand that providing effective close protection means there needs to be good personal repour between the manager, guards and the client, there needs to be professional trust and loyally. Sadly, trust and loyally are dirty words in today’s corporate world.

For those providing close protection services or management confidentiality and professional loyalty are the essence of keeping you employed. The client’s personal life and the threats from embarrassment and blackmail all must be taken into consideration, if you don’t like their lifestyle, then find a new job.

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One of the major issues with those providing close protection services and management is that they tend to focus only on the threats from physical assault, which really are not high-priority in places like the U.S. as it is very safe country, unless you’re involved in the illegal drugs business or the like. Bezos case is a classic example of how the pen (and camera) are mightier than the sword these days.

You cannot put providing close protection services in the same box as providing security guard and driver services, which many human resources professional do. Just because someone had a security license, executive protection certificate, a suit and a gun it does not mean they know a fraction of what they should, or they are suitable to work in close proximity with a client 24/7.

I would say the executive protection fail with Jeff Bezos are on all levels from no trust or communication between client and his security manager, if he had one, to possible leaks from his personal staff on schedules, locations to be visited, online activity and communications… A complete security failure for Jeff Bezos and Amazon but very good work by The National Enquirer and whoever undertook and backed their investigation.

When dealing in Eastern Europe in the 90’s it was explained to me by very wise men that when providing close protection to a serious client you should provide a “Roof”, to keep the rain off the client. The rain is anything that can cause the client any problems in all aspects of their lives, the client needs a problem free life to make money, from which you get paid. And a wise client will know to always pay his people well and on time unless they want to get wet…

Things are different these days in the world of Executive Protection to the rich and famous where most human resources professionals just want to “tick a box” for as little expense as possible and the guards just want a cool back drop for their selfies and day dream of staring in reality TV series…

Orlando W. 

Miami, FL, USA

4 Replies to “Jeff Bezos an Executive Protection Fail”

  1. EPT leader know how to educate is principal to understand the meaning of EPT in order to do so good EPT leader put his ego to the side and concentrate on protecting principal on all aspects. I’m talking from nine years of experience and no issues. You can only achieve that by leading your principal and not having the principal lead you.

  2. My response is on this very matter; I can not see anything but a failure from the EP Team and they should be removed immediately and a New VP of Executive Security brought in to scrub anyone and everything; If this would have happen while I was on Our Principal, who is one of the top 4 Billionaires in Seattle: good bye and remember your NDA. They placed his family/Jeff’s friends in harms way. NO WAY AROUND IT! The Enquirer has to many specifics- FBO-Hotels/Homes Travel plans- whoever was the Lead Advance should be held under a hot light, if they did not see these people taking pictures… my 6 cents!

  3. Ep should not become a Butler,and Ep team should not let principals Use them as Butler, Detail leaders should be only point of contact to principal for one o one discussion. Providing principal care does not mean to the point of being a butler .you are and always will be the principal ‘s last line of defense. You should provide maximum services and minimum security this will happen and who keeps the check of personnel about data sharing and leaking the information. Some checks should be there.

  4. I am a freelance non commercial consultant on divorce and separation matters for fathers since 8 years. Wooven into the fathers rights movement in germany and europe. Aswell I did read the very long article in a business section on Jeff Bezos his real father whom about there had been written a book which is not available on amazon. The richest man on earth had learned his playfull characteristics from his real father who was a street artist and jongleur – a man within the nonconformistic hippy world for a while. While Jeffs his more straitfull characteristics were lent to him by upbringing through his stepfather. Aswell Jeff lost contact to his real dad after being 1 year old. Which is sad for every kid at that age and the most crucial age to encounter that. In counceling we know there is connectivity through generations. As far to the security matters to my personal understading I would say that keeping the facts away someone so well known is walking ways and places in company of a certain mistress or any person is impossible. Also I am wondering about the security ppl willing to shut out the whole outer world from registering that a famous person is in new company. I mean as long noone puts physical harm on an that very person … ? So what.
    I can assure that Jeff is a very discussed about person worldwide.
    In my personal life I was employed by one of his fullfillment centers 3 months. There was no air regulation ! The one installed did not work. Dozens of ppl collapsed. Even a year later that air exchange system (regulated top windows in pick tower above level 4) did never work. When feeling sick there was no allowance or possibility to have a stint of lets say 5 or 8 minutes at the gates. Impossible. The medical procedures inside the building had to be done over around 45 minutes within bad air. Before a sick person could go. Feeling sick of bad air inside work building caused bad work (fully tracked) results. Leading nearer to lay off.
    To my understanding my former boss very well needed a reality check.
    To my understanding there is never a real possibility to keep an extramarital affair really locked away.
    So maybe Jeff is a very well desired customer to any security professional – but the fact of photos of him and his mistress seems to be just the normal way when having a famous face.
    All the hundred thousends of his workers worldwide with non famous faces breathe bad air – every day.
    Thank you for considering this not to be off topic.

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