ISIS & Al Qaeda Members in UK

ISIS & Al Qaeda Members in UK

Returning ISIS & Al Qaeda Members in UK

It makes me laugh when I see people posting “In Fury” about Shamima Begum, the girl that ran off to join ISIS in Syria, that now wants to return “home” to the UK. What I find so amusing is why all these minions objecting to Shamima Begum returning to UK have kept their mouths shut about all the shit that’s been going on as far as Islamic Extremists living in, being admitted into the UK and also receiving financial and material support from the British government… I will just list a few examples below…

A lot of people need to wake up to what’s been going on, it’s clear the British government are bought and paid for by Saudi and to a very large degree directed by Israel… Once upon a time this would have been classed as “High Treason”, but these days the common people are just to blinkered, distracted and brainwashed to question when they are being fed by the mainstream media…

Should Shamima Begum and other ISIS & Al Qaeda Members in UK be returned to UK? Definitely not, and also all those that have been supporting or providing material support to Islamic Terrorists in Syria etc. should be charged, put on trial and deported, government officials included… I am sure Saudi would grant them asylum…

Orlando W.

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