Fiction – The Shoot: An Assassins World

Fiction – The Shoot: An Assassins World

A Chinese Bitcoin dealer, money launderer and playboy scammed the wrong person and will pay the ultimate price in return, his downfall initiated by one of his favorite prostitutes. A professional hit-team is dispatched to ensure this scam would be his last. For the assassins, killing the Chinaman is just a formality, the difficult part is remaining anonymous and staying alive after the shoot.

He had been watching the target’s house since 2am, the target was some Chinese bitcoin tycoon who made his money by hacking other crypto dealers. His problem was that this time he hacked the wrong person and then decided to boast about it. This new breed of Chinese criminal seemed to believe they are untouchable because in China they work hand in hand with their government who ensures a blind eye is turned to their activities and their problems disappear, for a substantial fee of course. But once outside of China, they never seemed to realize that they were just another fish in the pond.

The Chinaman had flown in the previous day and landed at the airstrip in Ağırdağ, Northern Cyprus where he was going to meet with the head of a Turkish human and narco trafficking syndicate that needed the funds from their booming business turned into crypto currencies, directly from the accounts of the private bank they owned the license for. Most organized crime groups use or invest in legitimate businesses to launder and further profit from their dirty money, many times working with corrupt government officials to give them the facade of respectability.

The Chinaman ’s mistake was to hire a young pretty Ukrainian prostitute whom he had used before on several occasions. It is funny how many times a woman has led to a man’s downfall, a lesson men will never learn. Ms. Klara was your average Instagram model, a blonde, slim and pretty 24-year-old who did not have that certain look desired by professional modeling agencies but had the look that wealthy men would spend a few thousand dollars on to help prop up their fragile egos.

The Shoot is a technically accurate crime thriller set on the Island of Cyprus that will give you an insight into the world, mindset and operational procedures of the modern assassin.

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