Travel Security – The Book

Travel Security – The Book
Kindle Version: $5.99 @
Paper Back: $9.99 @

Travel Security is a no-nonsense security guide for the international or domestic traveler. The book high-lights essential security issues and gives the reader simple, proven and effective solutions.

These days when traveling internationally you must take into consideration your personal security with that of family members and associates traveling with you. Before you travel anywhere you should take time to research where you are going and work out some basic security procedures and discuss them with those traveling with you.

Before you travel ensure that all your passports and required visas are in order, even slight discrepancies can lead to long delays when passing through immigration and customs. Make sure you are not taking food items that are prohibited to take into that country, most countries immigration and customs departments websites list items that are prohibited.  If you are traveling with medications make sure they are properly labeled and check to ensure your medical insurance will be valid in the countries, you’ll visit…

This book is applicable to those who travel for business or recreation, weather you’re an entrepreneur or corporate attorney traveling to an emerging market, or a family taking your yearly vacation this book with help you to identify and avoid potential safety issues. The book covers:

  • International Travel
  • Adventure Travel & Deployment Kit List
  • How Criminals Operate
  • Advance Security
  • Personal Security in Hotels
  • Attending Events
  • Dealing with fake police
  • Driving in Hostile Areas
  • Make your car harder to steal
  • Route Selection, Ambushes & VCP’s
  • Vehicle security considerations
  • And more…

Travel Security – The Book
Kindle Version: $5.99 @
Paper Back: $9.99 @

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