Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a very complexed issue and also a booming trade for criminal groups and corrupt government officials. To start with you cannot put everyone who is being trafficked in to the category of a victim.

When we talk about human trafficking most people think of girl who has being kidnapped and trafficked for sexual slavery, well that side of the human trafficking industry is very complicated, I know many cases where working prostitutes were trafficked voluntarily to other countries to work in the sex industry because they could make more money, when they were caught by law enforcement they then started to cry victim.

The vast majority of those being trafficked and smuggled into the United States and Europe are paying criminal groups and corrupt official to assist them in their journeys, these people are not victims, they are illegal immigrants, there is a very big difference. The masses of fit military and work age men fleeing the supposed conflicts or economic issues in Africa, Latin America or the Middle East are seeking to make money and an easier life, they are not victims.

The victims usually end up being the women and children who end up being exploited in numerous ways by criminal groups, other refugees or illegal immigrants. With law enforcement and social services stretched to the extreme in many parts of the US and Europe the constant flow of illegal immigrants makes the job of identifying the true victims of human trafficking extremely difficult.

My associate and I are going to be looking at the issues of human trafficking via this blog and our other social media sites, hopefully we can help enlighten and educate people on how the real trafficking industry works and the life and death issues that go with it.

Orlando W

Many thanks to Dimitris of Risks Inc. and Tray of The Anti-Predator Project for the below interviews.

Note: If you have a real life story on human trafficking, being trafficked etc. and what to talk about your experiences let me know… If you are need of immediate assistance you must contact your local police department!

Orlando Wilson - Investigator - Writer


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