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Many thanks to the Counter Terrorist Magazine for publishing my article on Counter Surveillance in their magazine! Counter Surveillance is the foundation of personal security and a skill required by concerned citizens, bodyguards, private investigators and investigative journalists alike…

Counter surveillance is the base skill for all personal security and close protection programs. In this short article, I am going to high-light some of the main considerations for a surveillance plan and detail some simple but effective street drills that will enable you to identify if you are under surveillance

Professional surveillance operatives put their targets into three categories unaware, aware and professional. Most people, I would say at least 75%, fall into the unaware category, you can follow them around all day and they won’t realize you’re there, try it the next time you’re out at the mall. About 24% of people would fall into the aware category and would realize, after a while if someone was watching or following them. The 1% left would fall into the professional category; they take active counter surveillance measures and would spot people acting suspicious, watching or following them. So, I expect most people reading this article are in the unaware category but by the time you finish reading this there is no reason not be in the professional category.

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