Child Kidnap Prevention!

The Counter Terrorist Magazine: Child Kidnap Prevention!

Many thanks to the Counter Terrorist Magazine for publishing my article on Child Kidnap Prevention in their magazine! Click to read the article: Child Kidnap Prevention!

I have been asked many times if I could go to various countries to recover children who have been abducted by estranged parents. I am happy to provide advice and highlight the fact that if the parent I am talking too has legal custody in U.S. this might not apply in the country the child is in. Also, if the child was snatched back, those doing so would have committed the crime of kidnapping, which in most places has a lengthy prison term attached. Combine the risk of being arrested and the child being harmed during the snatch, things are better left to embassy staff and trusted local attorneys.

Kidnapping situations are nasty situations to be involved in and best avoided at all costs, period! If the kidnappers are professionals there is a good chance that a hostage would be released when the ransom demands are met, on the other side of the coin if the ransom demands are not met, it would be a good business practice to execute the hostage, to encourage future payments. The professionalism of kidnappers varies greatly from those that are highly skilled to Neanderthals; all, however, are capable of extreme violence.  The express kidnappers for example are generally not what could be classed as high end criminals. This means they tend to be more violent and unpredictable than groups that target higher profile victims for large ransoms. As always, if ransoms are paid in express kidnappings there is no guarantee the victim will be released, especially if the victims can identify the criminals or have been sexually assaulted, which can be expected in most cases.

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