Analysis: Assassination attempt on Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal

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Analysis: Assassination attempt on Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal

Firstly, I am using this as an example of how operations can go wrong and how both sides made mistakes. I am not Israeli or Palestinian so, the politics are none of my business or interest!

This case highlights how basic mistakes can lead to big problems. As you watch the below video you will see both sides ignored or were very lax with their counter surveillance. Even when the Palestinians spotted the Mossad Agents acting suspiciously just before the assassination attempt they took no preventive measures; bodyguards just follow people around and open doors right? Counter surveillance is one of the basic factors for all operational security plans and professionally trained close protection personnel / bodyguards are preventive, not solely reactionary.

The fact that after the assassination attempt the Mossad Agents did not realize they were being followed is crazy, this would be the time I would think they should have on high alert for being tailed or intercepted by police etc.

Obviously the assassins had no plans for if the operation went bad, was this due to arrogance or just negligence, who knows. Would it not have made sense to split up or have protective surveillance personnel shadowing them after they left the vehicle right? I understand why they had no firearms but no improvised weapons? I tell me students the first rule of unarmed combat is always pick up a weapon! This is the real world, we are not interested in getting people to tap out or score points, we are interested in staying alive and not going to jail.

In this business it’s better to learn from others mistakes, I have learnt a hell of a lot from my own mistakes, but learning from others is by far a safer option… Enjoy the video!

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  1. Orlando,

    Thank you for sharing this.

    I just watched this video. Wow…so many points from which to learn…situational awareness (and acting on it), surveillance, counter-surveillance, and more.


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